Thursday, July 2, 2009

Light a Candle For Palestine

"I want to tell the world - a story -

To tell a story that never happened, never took place, never was, never got manifested. See the story of so many lives that never got fulfilled. never had the chance to grow up, fall in love, marry, bear children, grow old, They never had the chance to love and serve humanity, they never had the chance to fall in love with GOD. Decade after decade their suffering continues. What does GOD want us to do for them? Just see the woman clinging to her precious olive tree. See everything. This is not acceptable. It is not acceptable that powerful elites rule the world and create havoc, death and destruction in the lives of simple human beings. If we have any spine at all, we should not accept this. Please tell me, is there not some connection between our spirituality, our ideology, and these sweet suffering people? What is that connection? Just tell me. - Garda Ghista

About a home with a broken lantern


About a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed.





About an axe that killed a tulip



About a fire that consumed a plait






About a tear that couldn’t run down


I want to tell a story about a goat that wasn’t milked



About a wedding that wasn’t celebrated


And a baby girl that didn’t grow up



About a football that wasn’t kicked


I want to tell a story about a key that wasn’t used


About a classroom that wasn’t attended
About a besieged lonely farm
And about its fruits That weren’t picked
About a lie that wasn’t discovered
I want to tell a story about a stone that faced a tank
And about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down
About a spirit that cannot be defeated
I want to tell the world a story
Now Light a little candle for Palestine

You can do it

Light a candle One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away

Just try it out

One ray of light
Wipes away the gloomiest
Jet-black nights
As the dawn breaks

Just observe

Can you see that
All the might of darkness
In the world
Cannot extinguish
The faintest flicker
Of a beam of light

Light a candle
One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away

You can do it