Friday, October 17, 2008

While You Were Sleeping....

"While You Were Sleeping and Dreaming it was Real

by Visible

Yesterday I saw an article in Newsweek that said that Christians in India were being abused. It was the sort of dedicated disinfo that gets churned out by lying, agenda driven hacks who write what they get told to write since journalism got buried in an unmarked grave.

I have friends in India who keep me abreast of what’s been going on there and from what I am told, the Christians are rapacious in their efforts to gain political power and access to the ‘goodies locker’ by any means necessary. They’d like nothing better than to eliminate the Hindu traditions and along with Islam they’ve got the Hindus in a pincher grip and the Hindus don’t like it; never mind that the pinchers want to eat each other alive as well. So what we really have is the Hindus reacting to Christian missionary, weasel actions which get reported as “those terrible things that are happening to our beloved Christians as they attempt to subdue one of the oldest cultures on Earth to their goddamned missionary ways.” Of course, they wouldn’t say it that way but I do.

This same garbage is going on in Iraq with the Franklin Graham God Fascist’s Brigades. It’s going on around the world where bloodthirsty, fundamentalist Christians and Muslims are dispensing their vicious coercions at point of a sword; the threat of an empty food bowl, the promise of an empty heaven or a burning Hell, anything to swell the numbers of those deceived into thinking God is some kind of vindictive swine just like them.

These things go on while we are sleeping and dreaming that the world is only where we find ourselves and that people who pose as spiritual actually are spiritual. In this dreaming world, that blood-soaked coward, George W. Bush can be a Christian. In this sleeping world everything appears to be something other than what it is and people just eat up the lies because the truth puts them at odds with everyone they know.

In this world you don’t hear that The Rothschild’s own Rio Tinto and you don’t hear that they are doing this to the Papuans. The interconnecting web of vampire bankers, Zionist and Christian psychopaths, as well as the suit and tie legion of foot-spiders with fountain pens, make the bloody web of the sleeping world tremble with the cries of those who have the misfortune of living somewhere that plunder is to be had.

I watched the third debate yesterday and heard McCain and Obama talk about what they were going to do. I heard one of them talk about doing something about diabetes. This diabetes epidemic is the result of corporations flooding the fast food restaurants and supermarkets with soft drinks and sugar saturated crap that sleeping Schmoos pour down their unconscious gullets. How likely is it that either of these men will point out what those who are not asleep know to be true?

I heard them talk about health care. Comprehensive health care is readily available in most ‘civilized’ countries. I pay about one hundred euro a month for mine here in Europe. Amazing isn’t it? I don’t go to doctors but I have it and it’s got features you are paying ten times more for and possibly more than that. Why don’t you have comprehensive health care at an affordable price? You don’t have it because the corporations and consortiums that feed at this overflowing trough want to milk every bloody nickel from the scam. Even worse, they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time and their pharmaceuticals are often more dangerous than the condition they are treating. Even worse… these evil shits know exactly what excesses in the culture cause the maladies that they are incapable of treating and most likely own stock in the corporations that sell the poisons that create the diseases.

Will McCain or Obama be able to do anything about the root causes of the problems that are created by the corporations that own them? Where does that leave you? Do you think it’s some kind of accident that the world is awash in massive, flesh containers who’ve worn a path in their carpet from the ice-box to the TV? “Wide-Load Jeans; when you’re packing a Whole Lotta Love!”

They talked about education. The American education system is where it is on purpose. How are they going to fix something that is intended to be that way by the corporations and consortiums that own them? The whole, fucked up system is designed to be the way it is to reduce the target consumer to a mindless, porcine drone on a treadmill of consumption. It’s the American Way.

Yes, they eliminated the manufacturing industries from the American landscape to maximize profit but they also did it to make the military more attractive. The video game industry is part of the MIC. It’s a cradle to grave continuum. The destruction of the moral compass in the young is precisely for the reason of making moral relativism dovetail into whatever explanation is being presented by whatever corporations are profiting from the confusion. They’ve got whore outfits for pre-teens and they are on their way to the crib and… it’s all cool. It’s the American Way. It’s our freedoms that they hate. What? These freedoms? Freedom isn’t license.

You can’t fix something that is the way it is because of what it is. You can’t head for Kansas City and wind up in Boise if you are coming from Memphis… unless you are really asleep at the wheel. You are where you are because things are what they are and this particular way of doing things eventually consumes everything and creates a Hell on Earth. First it does it in far locations and then it does it where it where you are. And that is why you’ve got no Posse Comitatus or Habeas Corpus but you do have a brigade of soldiers somewhere, waiting on something. This is why Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were created so that you would have something to be frightened of and need protecting from while your freedoms and rights were removed. But… you’re asleep. You’re dreaming.

In England… where the world banking powers live… over the years… men like McCain and Obama and everyone else who got into the rackets made high sounding speeches while they declared war on China to force the Chinese government to let them addict their people to opium. They went into India and enslaved and murdered and they gave magnificent speeches. They brutalized the Irish across the centuries and brought harm every where they went and they dressed nice and they looked sharp and they gave magnificent speeches. Every now and then they would create a new boogeyman and bleed their country white of young men about whom they would give magnificent speeches. In America they wiped out the Native Americans and bought slaves from the Jewish slave traders who were good enough to keep records so we have their accounts today. They brutalized the Chinese and stuck the Japanese into camps. The Japanese left their lands and possessions with Richard Nixon’s Quakers in trust, to be returned later only they weren’t. Pearl Harbor like 9/11 was ‘arranged’. It’s about the money and those who control it and you think that Obama or McCain are going to fix something that is the way it is in purpose?

I’m not sure you should wake up. If would be nice if you could just sleep forever and believe the lies. Unfortunately for you, the time has come when not waking up is no longer an option. There are solutions but they require the same hatchet and scalpel that these off-the-Wal-Mart shelves Ken dolls were talking about. These deluded robots are just as fast asleep as you are. Well… you’re not going to be able to go on sleeping much longer. What do you think the learning curve on the landscape will be when you do wake up… partially wake up? It’s hard to think on your feet when you are lying on your back.

Yeah, everybody’s just trying to make a living buddy. There’s gold to be had if you can just do some thing about the Papuans or the Hindus or whoever is, wherever they are …and ‘in the way’ of progress and the big, bright, beautiful dreams of the American Way that is on it’s way out and soon to be located in some other theater of enterprise where the dream masters and slave masters set up shop.