Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Trolls Under the Bridge

"What to Do about The Troll under The Bridge?

You really don’t have to do much more than go to WRH (the October 6 line-up) to see a vast and comprehensive collection of information and perspectives on how bad it really is. Keep in mind that it’s worse than any of what you are reading because everything is interdependent in the global financial scheme. Keep in mind that the major players are mostly psychopaths who have nothing but self-interest in mind and that nothing is less likely to solve an interdependent crisis than unbridled self-interest.

The interdependent financial crisis is also interdependent with the geo-political situation and every conflict that is occurring at this time. The interdependent financial crisis is also hot-linked to energy, housing and food. All of these things are interdependent. Think of the world of phenomenal reality as being like a spider’s web or a suspension bridge. I’ll leave you to ponder the possibilities.

As the crisis deepens, the people’s assets, borrowing and buying habits are altered; paranoia becomes rampant. Things constrict. Then, that which the banks and corporations rely on in order to conduct their business suddenly go missing or is greatly reduced. You do the math. The stock market is about confidence. Confidence is a funny thing. It can make a lie a valuable commodity and ratchet its value far above what it essentially is and it can maintain that value for… who knows how long? This can be done as long as confidence fuels the faith and imagination of the people. That’s in free fall right now.

What happens when corporations rule government policy? The possibility of false flag terror attacks, sudden critical shortages and war becomes immanent. It is hard to imagine any other alternative. This is how they operate. This is how they have operated for as long as they have operated.

What is the solution? First you have to look at the problem itself and how the problem got to where it is. We’re in a ‘breaking eggs to make omelets’ situation where certain individuals must be apprehended and jailed or eliminated entirely. This is a realpolitick look at things. I’m not advocating anything. I’m talking about what’s there. You can’t solve the problem of the troll under the bridge as long as the troll remains under the bridge. It may be that you can drive the troll away. You can maroon the troll. You can imprison the troll and you can kill the troll. You have to do something about the troll or your problem continues. You cannot go to the troll for the solution to the problem of the troll; as is presently the process being employed.

I’m not going to mince words here. In many cases you need to employ the Ceausescu solution. The reason this is necessary is because the troll will not stop acting like a troll for as long as the troll remains. Trolls do not magically transform into elves. Trolls do not possess a conscience that would allow for rehabilitation. Trolls are trolls. Some people think they are cute. I do not.

Alternatively you can strip the troll of all of his/her assets and imprison or exile them to a place from which they cannot return. You can forbid them the opportunity to operate in their former sphere of activity ever again. Unfortunately… you have a problem. The problem is that the trolls are the ones making the laws that enforce and constrain troll behavior. The trolls are the ones enforcing the law. The trolls are the ones reporting and shaping the news. The only way to deal with trolls is to call in the exterminator the same way you would for any pest infestation. You may want to use a humane trap so that you can ferry them to the shark encircled island. You may want to merely contain them. However you approach it you have to do something that renders the trolls harmless; one way or the other.

Sometimes justice has to be employed in a direct and powerful way. Consider that the trolls never had a moment’s hesitation or doubt about destroying the lives of others; causing wars and want and all of the ills that trolls cause. Trolls are not human. Trolls don’t care. The end justifies the means and only the needs of trolls are ever considered.

The indecently rich must be stripped of all of their assets and put out on the street. The politician trolls must be driven from office. The corporation trolls must be run off. The media trolls must be silenced. Parasite trolls and parasite nations have to be cut off completely from any and all influence in the host country or they will (and are) bleed you white. Parasites do not engage in symbiosis. Parasites are not beneficial to the host body.

This is clear simple fact. Banker trolls must be bankrupted and all trolls must be defined and treated as trolls.

Sooner or later a housecleaning is going to be in order or you lose the house. Sooner or later the trolls will destroy the world in which you live because that is their modus operandi. That is how they do business. Should you allow your own destruction so as not to offend the trolls? That is for you to decide.

Everybody knows who the trolls are. Who are the people who have amassed great wealth at your expense? Who are the people creating the wars for personal profit? Who are the politicians and religious leaders who are servants of these trolls? Who are the media operatives who feed the lies that justify the looting and pillaging? Who are the storm-troopers enforcing the will of the trolls against the well being of the populace? One should take a look at the conditions that existed in France prior to the revolution and what followed after and be mindful that all too often when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there.

Do I think you can pull this off? You can’t pull this off if you don’t deal with your own inner troll first. You can’t solve a problem if you can’t see to what extent you are part of it. And you can’t use kid gloves to solve a troll problem. You can’t reason with trolls and you can’t ever trust a troll to be reasonable and quit their evil ways. Hey, they’re trolls.

Trolls caused these problems and one of the ways they did this was by getting you to accept that troll behavior is acceptable. It’s not. Troll behavior never works out to the advantage of everyone else. A troll infestation can not be eliminated by leaving the solution in the hands of the trolls. They’ll throw a few of their number under the train and go right on with business as usual. Troll behavior has to be looked at as shameful and reprehensible and it must be universally condemned. Trolls have to be named and shamed. Trolls have to be rendered impotent by whatever means necessary or you might as well take your own life because they’re going to do it anyway- or worse and they won’t be so kind in the deed as you would be yourself. A massive awakening must take place and when it does it won’t be hard to see what’s what. Luckily… and I say that with no small amount of irony… a massive awakening is going to take place whether you like it or not. It’s taking place now. It needs to be hard and lasting or nothing is going to change.

You’ve got a front row seat to life in interesting times. Sooner or later you are going to realize that the real power has and always does reside in ‘the people’. Until you stop employing trolls to look after your affairs you are going to be neck deep in troll shit and they are going to serve it to you warm for dinner.

This polemic, like all of my dissertations is only so many words. Circumstances are another thing. When you injure your body you feel it. Unfortunately it is not so when someone else is injured. But we are all interdependent too, whether we see it or not. Everyone’s death and suffering really does diminish and affect you too.