Thursday, October 9, 2008

Torture Will Drive You Insane

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Why is this NOT in my Boston Globe this morning, readers?

"AP Exclusive: Documents say detainee near insanity " by PAMELA HESS, Associated Press WriterTue Oct 7, 7:18 PM ET

A U.S. military officer warned Pentagon officials that an American detainee was being driven nearly insane by months of punishing isolation and sensory deprivation in a U.S. military brig, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The documents shed new light on how two American citizens and a legal U.S. resident were treated in military jails inside the United States. The Bush administration ordered the men to be held in military jails as "enemy combatants" for years of interrogations without criminal charges, which would not have been allowed in civilian jails.

Yale Law School's Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic received the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by two attorneys Jonathan Freiman and Tahlia Townsend, representing another detainee, Jose Padilla. The Lowenstein group and the American Civil Liberties Union said the papers were evidence that the Bush administration violated the 5th Amendment's protections against cruel treatment. The U.S. military was ordered to treat the American prisoners the same way prisoners at Guantanamo were treated, according to the documents.

And that is a WAR CRIME!

So, WHERE ARE YOU, you fucking COMPLICIT SHIT DemocraPs?!!!!!!

The paperwork show uniformed officials at the military brigs growing increasingly uncomfortable and then alarmed that they were being directed to handle their prisoners under the rules that governed Guantanamo. The documents show that some officials at the Charleston brig were deeply skeptical about the mandate that Guantanamo rules should apply in the United States, a decision made by the defense secretary's office, according to the documents.

A frustrated officer pointed out that imposing those conditions in the brig had a far harsher effect on his prisoners because they had no contact with any other detainees, which was allowed at Guantanamo. --link--"

MORE: PROOF of Bush Administration War Crimes!

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