Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Real Republicans Repulsed By McCain-Palin

Remember when that evil hypocrite and a**hole McCain said he'd rather win a war than become president?

McCain would rather throw away your future and the nation's soul than lose the election. "

McCain LIED AGAIN? Sigh!

"McCain’s Politics Of Desperation

by Christy Hardin Smith
October 7, 2008

Tot, this is kettle. Palin in Florida this morning:

"This election is about the truthfulness and judgment needed in our next president,'' Palin insisted. "John McCain has it and Barack Obama doesn't."

McCain and Palin are thrashing around like a couple of trout in a shallow bait pan. It takes some brass ones to claim the moral high ground after all of their whoppers lately. Delusions of candor, anyone?

McCain would rather throw away your future and the nation's soul than lose the election.

How does that make you feel? Personally, I'm beyond disgusted. And so are an increasing number of Republicans:

"The well of false sanctimony is not a bottomless pit," explains one Republican consultant. "I think they have reached the bottom of the well."

The truth? McCain's digging his own erratic hole. Freezing out the Florida GOP chair for suggesting Palin learn the basics of policy and politics attuned to Florida. Detail's not their forte, which is likely why Obama is ahead in FL. And Pennsylvania. And a number of other battleground states. And their dog-whistle surrogates are worse:

-- McCain is set to "debate" Obama this evening in a town hall-style forum. Perhaps someone could ask McCain about the dog-whistle surrogates of the GOP?

-- Well, this is nauseatingly crass. Including pretending that FOX and Hannity have clean hands. Way to buck up the anti-semetic pimping filthmongers among us!

-- Speaking of filthmongers, these ads are disgusting.

-- What does all of this have in common? McCain's politics of desperation. It's spreading.

Since McCain is likely to throw a number of "Obama doesn't understands" along with the kitchen sink tonight, what I'd love is this response:

"Why don't you ask regular folks out there in America how well your long, long years of so-called leadership on corporate deregulation is working for their retirement savings and grocery and gas bills?"

Or maybe he could just ask where McCain got his Keating party hat.


Btw, I AM REPUBLICAN -- REGISTERED and ALL -- and there is NOW WAY on GOD'S GREEN EARTH I will EVER vote for that SICKENING and DISGUSTING PAIR of SCUM BAGS!!!!!!!!!!