Sunday, October 5, 2008

Purge the System on November 4



Purge the system is a non-partisan grass roots organizing endeavor by Americans that are sick to their stomach with our current representation in Washington. Spending is out of control, record fuel prices, taxes through the roof, bailouts to top a trillion dollars and they say they need more!

It is a long known fact that we the American people want a Washington outsider inside the White House, yet we still have Washington insiders inside Washington. Its time to rid ourselves of the “business as usual” Washington attitude that it’s people are blind and will let them do as they please at our expense. Through modern technology, we can see and share the truth like no other society in the history of the world and yet they look in our eyes and claim to have our best interests in mind.

We the voters say “well its not the guy (or gal) that I voted in” and business proceeds as usual. Its time we stop this vicious cycle and purge the system of the muck that’s running our great country into the ground.

The Republicans say “its not our fault, the Dems have had control of the house for the past two years”. The Democrats say “its the GOPs’ fault, they had control for the previous six”. Its time we say “its both of their fault” and hold them accountable. VOTE AGAINST ALL HOUSE AND SENATE CANDIDATES SEEKING REELECTION THIS NOVEMBER! Its our patriotic duty to hold them accountable and purge Washington of its Washington attitude. Its the only way for Washington to get the message that old world politics will no longer be tolerated in the United States.

We understand that some of these sitting Congressional leaders are just that, leaders, but sometimes an apple is so rotten it has to be tossed as a whole instead of trying to cut out the bad parts. The cream will rise to the top. This purge wont effect the Presidential or State Government elections this election cycle, but we urge you to make an informed decision in those races. Tell your loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Print this mission statement and hand it out, put it on a post or in a window and when your local politicians campaign calls, tell them your voting against all sitting congressional leaders. We only have 30 days left to bring real change and reform to Washington.

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