Thursday, October 9, 2008

Israel's Islamist Wing Hacks Blog Spot

We AIN'T FOOLED NO MORE, Zionist scitte bags!!

The GAME is UP, scitters!!!

" has been Hacked by “Islamic Jihad”???

qrswave’s blog

I tried to add a link to my “Great Sites” page which is powered by (TM) and THIS is what I got…

Anybody got any clues as to WHO is behind this nonsense and what if anything Blogroll did to deserve being targeted like this???

My guess is that “Islamic Jihad” is about as much responsible for this hack job as they were responsible for the attack against the US embassy in Yemen

Someone at Blogroll must be getting too close to the Truth…

BTW - someone take a screen capture of the hack job and post it online for the record.



HaCkEd By ÝsLaMi CiHaD

(EjDeR21 & cryptoqrapher & batin)

In The Name OF Him We Start And Finish


And Mohammed Hist Massenger

“Ýnned Dine Ýndallahil Ýslam”