Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This the Day?

"The Pregnant Tick and Tock of The Reality Bomb

Where I live you can buy fresh broccoli for about .50 cents a pound; eggplants at .45 cents a pound, tomatoes fresh from the garden for .50 cents a pound. You can pay even less if you know where to go. Fruit and vegetables are very inexpensive and my olive and almond trees provide more than I can use which is good for my friends. I live on a dead end road at the end of a maze. You’d think I was way out in the boondocks but two thriving towns are around 4 kilometers away, equidistant in opposite directions. Two large seas are not very far away.

There’s an occasional presence of eastern block criminals who like to gut the homes of wealthy ex-pats but I don’t fit the bill and I’m not on their route, out where the wider roads reveal the targets. My next door neighbor is a city policeman and an outstanding human being. In my quiet corner are some ‘connected’ people whose presence, I would assume, discourages trespass. In three years, I haven’t had a whisper of trouble and I’m only here half the time. My other place of residence is as safe as it gets, meaning… no crimes at all and I have seen a police car in that town no more than a dozen times in eight years. It is also in an agrarian belt; the timeless sort of location where war and social unrest seldom appear. During World War 2, this area in this axis country saw none of it.

I’m not out to save my own ass. If that were the case I would not have been arrested and thrown in prison and other places so many times over the years. Strangely enough, I have no record at all now due to serendipity in respect of pardons and acquittals and things generally working out. I know that the FBI has quite a file on me and a wanted poster that I always wanted to have but for some reason the Freedom of Information Act hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I wasn’t insistent enough. I have heard that it would not be a good idea for me to return to the U.S. while Diet Hitler-Lite is still in power and… the last time I was there I was just able to get out of the country… it almost didn’t happen.

My mother is quite old and really would like to see me and there are others there in Mordor too. A lot of years have come and gone since I had that opportunity. However, I’ve been blessed with a certain detachment about these things. I’ve known for some time that eventually one loses everything they have and everyone they know. Oh… I’ve my own ideas and confirmations about what waits beyond this vale but that is the subject matter of another blog.

I’m not sure that I care if I can go to America again. In some ways I am more curious than anything else. In my mind America seems to be a very strange place and I’ve always been a cultural voyeur. I don’t get homesick, probably because I never really had one. I miss Maui sometimes but, no matter where you are from you probably would miss a place like that. Languages are not easy for me and so I have lived for years around people saying things that I never quite get. Don’t assume everyone in Europe speaks English… they don’t. I’m the Bangladeshi cab driver here and I know as much about getting here and there as he does. These days I have a GPS navigator in my car so that’s a plus. My friend Don told me that just makes it easier for them to drive a missile up my exhaust pipe (grin).

One thing I notice about Europe that is different than America is that it is far less violent. I’m sure some cities have their moments, especially in the U.K. where I have the good sense not to go. The idea of London makes me uneasy and people are quick to mix it up over there. I got in a number of altercations in the U.S. mostly because I don’t like being pushed around. I used to not know enough just to walk away and I despise bullies. These days I never encounter anything like that. Occasionally I get to spar with another martial arts enthusiast but that’s few and far between. I don’t have any close friends or associates over here and most of the time it’s just me and the dogs, my consort and her mother. Some might think that a lonely life but I love being alone and at least once a year I am alone for months. I’d have to say that you are my social life.

What am I talking about? Why am I telling you this? This isn’t the stuff of Smoking Mirrors. Well… every day now when I get up, I wonder… is this the day? I know that the day is coming. The day is coming when the world turns upside down. There will be an event or several and suddenly… suddenly a great many things that might have seemed tangential or unrelated are going to join hands and they won’t be singing Cumbaya. The financial system IS going to fail like nothing before. You aren’t going to be able to get certain things and the utility system… well; you really don’t want to be in a city. Gang action is a certainty in those locations where materialism has brutalized the human spirit and locked a whole lot of people into the ‘me first’ syndrome. I once read a study that said if the power went off and stayed off, half the people in large urban environments would be dead after the first three days. That seemed absurd to me but they had a convincing argument.

I read a story by Tom Wolfe once that was called, “Oh Rotten Gotham, sliding down the Behavioral Sink.” If you can get your hands on it you should read it. It’s about experiments with rats. Rats are a metaphor for a certain mentality.

Where I am people are much less likely to behave the way they are certain to in London and New York and all the places like that. I sense that we would pull together. I know what sort of people they are. Some places are going to be okay. Day by day over the years you have seen what has been happening to people. You see the dumbing down and fascination with trivia, celebrity lives, convenience and comfort, the separation of humanity from nature and the perversions that always attend this separation. If you look at the approaching circumstances and the mind-set of the players it makes for grim reflection.

No one is going to be mailing out flyers saying that ‘too late’ will be happening after 6:00 PM on such and such a date. What can people be thinking as one thing after another pops up like another Jack in the Box warning? Many of you have asked yourself, “Why did they stay? Why couldn’t they see what was happening? I would have seen it.” This is what people think and say to themselves when they consider certain historical events. Everybody has 20-20 hindsight don’t they? Why can’t you see an armed brigade of soldiers stationed in your country and preparing for… what? The innuendo and threat delivered to congress about failing to approve the bailout; the suspension of legal protections against governmental abuse, the mad dog Samson option of Israel which has threatened, strong-armed and blackmailed the United States into pulverizing two countries and now wants more, the fuel and food shortages, the bankrupting of the middle class, the mercenaries and black outfitted Darth Vader police. Somehow a whole lot of people think someone is going to wave a magic wand, even while both presidential candidates are down on their knees for the very people who have been doing all of this.

I want so very badly to be wrong about what I am seeing. It would please me no end to be shown to be a paranoid and delusional fool. I can hear the clock ticking the way you sometimes do when you can’t sleep and every sound is magnified. The clock is connected to a very unusual bomb which goes off in stages that are triggered by pressures in particular atmospheres. I guess you could call it a Reality Bomb. It’s located everywhere. It has a center and a radius that overlaps itself and has degrees of intensity that are determined by certain densities of population in relation to various collective viewpoints.

This is just one aspect of the bomb. I was amused to note a number of similar terms in the article that were the same as I have been using and ‘just used’ in my postings of late. Similar takes abound and you can find the same dreadful perspectives in every theater of possibility whether it concerns armed conflicts, economies or anything else. Sane and well-informed people in every area of inquiry are saying the same things. Then there’s the unified voice of the global lie machine that’s churning out the confusions that are yet another aspect of the bomb. I hope you have thought deeply on these matters and made what preparations you can. One day soon we’ll be talking about what happened when the bomb went off, or maybe not.