Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beware the 7th of October

"In the Quiet Between the Lightning and the Thunder

We’re in the coiling moments before the strike… the windup. It’s a different kind of windup than the one that’s been practiced on us for so long. I like to stay away from spooky predictions at this blog. I sense and feel a lot of things that I don’t mention but today I want to mention them because I’m getting some strange sensations about next week and the rest of the year. There’s too many weird things happening; half a million coffins in Georgia… those FEMA camps… those thousands of soldiers ready to be deployed in defiance of Posse Comitatus which got neutered for just such a purpose… and there are other things …but first… first I want to say a little more about ‘the bailout’.

You are where you are today because of the policies of President Shit-Gollum and his puppet-masters. If I am not mistaken, the last time there was a bailout the same idea that the banks would then be able to loan out the money was also the intended result. If I remember correctly, they sat on the money instead. It’s also curious to note that the tax breaks that President Shit-for-Brains gave the rich adds up to close to the money they’re talking about here. I’d also like to mention that the now, eight hundred billion they want to steal from the American people, isn’t going to solve the problem because we actually have trillions in bad debt and… there’s the question of the price that will be paid for the bad paper and… to what extent will the value be inflated over what it is actually worth? Don’t kid yourself about that.

What the public should do is storm Congress and drag these miscreants out into the street and strip them naked… roll them in pig shit, or their own, same difference and whip them down Constitution Avenue and across Key Bridge. What the public should do is automatically vote out every one of the criminals who vote for the bailout. The only platform any opponent needs is to say, “He/she voted for this.”

The bailout is going to have about the same impact on the fortunes of the American people as the rescue efforts had on the people in Louisiana after Katrina. Until you remove the people responsible for the problems you cannot expect, unless you are a moron, that they will fix the problem. They ARE the problem. Well, you’ll see. You’ll see where you are after they give your money away to the people whose business is based on stealing it from you in the first place.

I’m going to go on record here and say that this isn’t going to work and I doubt that that is the intention anyway. You’re not dealing with human beings here. You are dealing with swine. They’ve abdicated their humanity in favor of certain animal characteristics that satisfy the lower nature. They are not human beings. Human beings don’t behave like this. For whatever the reason, there are a lot of them about in these times.

I don’t know what the penalties are likely to be but I suggest that everyone within a few hundred miles of New York City travels to the nearest farm and buys as much pig shit or cow shit or whatever you can find and drive on over to Wall Street and start throwing it at the traders and stockbrokers and lawyers… anybody in a suit. Throw it at the doors of The Exchange and all of the firms and offices in the area. It will be worth it. The memory alone will carry you for decades. Animal blood… heads… body parts… be creative. I’d say more about this bailout but plenty of people are …and you can go and read what they have to say if you want to hear more about it.

This time we are in is the quiet between the act and the aftermath. When you see lightning, it is said that every second you can count before the thunder is heard is a determinant of how far away the lightning was. Something impressively big and ugly is on the way. It’s in the mail. It’s traveling to its destination. The plans have left the draftsman’s table and the foundry is in operation. Soon, the product will appear. It’s some kind of 9/11 and it’s on the way. The Iranian stooges have come off the assembly line at Tavistock. The trails are being laid and the evidence is being planted. The Bin Laden Boogeyman night light is in the socket. Soon we’ll be able to watch our fearless leaders sweat gravitas all over the television set. News-casting Ken and Barbie dolls wearing six kinds of deodorant are going to get their chance to talk like they were announcing a tense golf tournament. It will be all awe and whispers that grow into outrage and violence carried out by the people who actually carried out the attack.

If you’ve been traveling around the internet in the last few months you’ve come across a whole lot of suspicious activity. If you’ve watched the legislations of the last eight years you’ve seen what looks like a deliberate plan to put as much power as possible into the hands of the people most likely to abuse it. We’ve had bad presidents before who have changed the country in ways that have reduced the quality of life for everyone but those who use the public as a food source. Ronald ‘McDonald’ Reagan comes to mind. He’s proof positive that a lot of people are a great deal more stupid than one might think possible. But there’s never been anything like what you have now. These people assisted in an attack on their own country. Along with agents of certain foreign governments, especially Israel, these people committed treason and murder many times over and just want to do it some more.

If you haven’t seen the various preparations taking place then you’ve been asleep. If you think they won’t do it again… or worse… you are a fool. There’s a lot of talk about October 7th and there are indications from many sources that the following months are going to be very freaky and dark. I can tell you that without needing to consult arcane modalities or metaphysical agencies. All indicators are pointing in that direction. Look at the tension and uncertainty on all sides. Listen to the threats based on manufactured intelligence and outright lies. Look at the hypnotic state of the lumpen proles. Look at the vacuous superficiality that oozes like malignant treacle from print and electronic media. Take a look around. Open your eyes. Remove the earphones. See if it is possible for you to stop your mind from looping the jingles in your head and take a good look.

I have no way of knowing about particular dates but I do know that you can see the future in the movements of the present. You can look at the past and see the possibilities based on what has happened before. Everything that happens has happened before. Oh it may wear a different outfit and it may dance to a different tune but the beat is the same.

The best place not to be is in an urban setting. Whatever happens and however far it spreads, it will be in the cities where the heavy stuff goes down. Never underestimate the power of the basic survival instincts ability to turn a man into a beast in a very short time. The patina of civilization is a thin veneer. The trouble coming will continue to increase until those causing it are stopped… by whatever it takes. The people in power have no intention of relinquishing it and the election is coming up. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Consider the players involved and what is at stake. Consider the mentality of the players and what is at stake. After that, it’s just a matter of what particular action they intend to take… there can be no doubt about their motivations.

It is time to become very watchful and past time to be somewhere far away from major population centers. For a great many people this just isn’t possible. It could be that there will be warnings that are sufficient and powerful enough to wake people up so that they can head for the hills. I’d like to hope that I am just being an alarmist. I’d be glad to find out that I was. If anything, I suspect that I am being reserved. For many… hindsight is going to be a powerful reminder in the aftermath.