Sunday, October 19, 2008

All of This Has Been on Purpose

But Americans don't believe it -- they actually think Bush, et al, are really trying to help fix the economic system!

Part of the reason I am not blogging much anymore. I have given up on Americans; they simply don't care, and appear to like being served a smorgasbord of diarrhea.

"Going Down with the Ship to the Darkening Deep

by Visible

The Guardian had a fine example of the sort of misdirection disinfo that the press everywhere has dropped to a coarse art; I really didn’t want to say, “raised to a fine art.’ You might think of MI5 as being the British version of the FBI and MI6 as the British version or the CIA, although I understand that England is setting up their own FBI under the head of a former MI5 head… I guess all those acronyms can get confusing and let’s face it… when you need to control the world in a way that most people don’t want you to, you soon find you have more enforcement agencies than the number of casual affairs by politicians and religious leaders.

Of course, when you are bent on world control, amassing more wealth than you will ever need and instituting conditions and laws that the majority of the world’s population objects to, you also need to manufacture terror events that you can use to convince the populations that they need your protection. Then the propaganda wing of the ‘would be’ world controllers, known as the main stream media, gets into the business of reporting conditions and events according to the will and intention of those seeking to control the whole world and who, then do what ever they damn well please whenever they want to.

Consonant with this you have these same nasty reptiles lowering the intelligence and corrupting the morals of the world’s people; immersing them in trivia, celebrity worship and banal sensory pursuits, while… in tandem with that, you have the religious corporations spieling out the control mechanisms of guilt and shame that are applied for just such engagements and perversions of the imagination which yet another agency carefully cultures through alcohol abuse and legal pharmaceuticals as well as all things illegal whose flow is also controlled by the same people. It works in the direction of ‘fat, happy and stupid and stoned.’ …later on they drop the ‘happy’.

If you read the above mentioned article from this MI5 exec you might get the impression that she’s one of the good guys speaking out. Well, that would be a lie. First of all, wouldn’t you think that someone in her position would know more about what happened than I do? How is it that I and some number of other people know that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, that there was no Al Qaeda (this according to high-ranking former CIA agents) and that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA with the assistance of British intelligence and other intelligence services here and there? This article is fabricated, confusion making, garbage. Most of everything you see on TV, hear on the radio and read on the internet in the main stream media is an intentional lie that originates from some kind of profit motive.

Furthermore, a great deal of what you see and hear and read, just about anywhere, is a lie as well. Most people who read at this site know this and may be wondering why I’m talking about it. I’m talking about it because the pull of these agencies and instruments is very powerful and it takes a strong mind with a powerful conviction to maintain objectivity when the lie-maestros are hammering it out 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s also being aided and abetted by various forms of radiation and broadcasts that you can’t see hear or read but you can certainly feel. As bad as the movie was, “They Live” is eerily dead on the money. It nails where you are headed today.

I’ve used this metaphor before. I’m going to use it again. If you are on a large ocean liner and the ocean liner begins to sink and there are lifeboats around and maybe large floating articles, you may think you’ve been saved; at least given another chance to be rescued or make your way to land. Land may not be that far off and maybe you are a powerful swimmer and you believe that you only have to jump into the water and swim to shore. However, the physics of a large ship going down are an example of unfortunate math. The pull of the ship is so great that the lifeboats and the floating objects, the powerful swimmer and you, unless you have gained enough distance, are going down with that boat due to the enormous draw. You get sucked down.

At this moment you are given the impression that the financial crisis is correcting itself due to the high-powered focus of educated minds upon the problem and the drastic efforts and infusions of capital being called for. That’s not the case at all. The worst of the situation has not even come up over the horizon line yet and the whole thing WAS ENGINEERED to begin with. It was engineered the same way the culture was perverted and the education system was compromised and the terror attacks were performed. All of this has been on purpose.

Whether you go back into the mists of time to study the origin of evil or you go back and look at the Rockefeller eugenics studies or you move forward to PNAC; whether you think there is a spiritual or material cause… whether you follow the works of Spengler or you are hearing the voice of Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park makes no difference. What matters is, is it so? Those variously named as ‘the elite’, ‘the illuminati’, the ‘Masonic Zionist Cabal’, or ‘the alien Grays’ have no good intentions for all of the rest of us. The good news is that they will destroy themselves. The bad news is that they may take you with them.

There’s too many of us and not enough resources according to whoever the vampires really are. Of course, there’s plenty to go around, especially if we were to embrace the visions of those like Jacque Fresco who have solutions in abundance. But there is not enough to go around when the avaricious overlords want more and more of what they will never be able to consume or use. So long as humanity tolerates their behavior, things will go from bad to worse. There are many reasons why humanity does this and even willingly serves these agents of evil but that has been explored at length here already at other times.

For those who are not content to stay on the ship and listen to the sonorous tones of the anonymous announcer… “Remain calm… everything is under control… move along, nothing to see here.” …there is a mental and a physical detachment that is vital to your survival. You have to take your mind away from reliance on the ship and you have to get away from the ship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve this right where you are; “terms may vary according to…” Fill in the blanks.

You may have heard that whenever a door closes a window opens. You should know that whenever something goes down, something goes up. Whenever the darkness concentrates, the light concentrates somewhere else. Metaphysically, the darkness is brimming with light but those sensing only darkness cannot see it because of what their attention is focused on. There has to be a reason why there is such a concerted effort to deceive and enslave the world’s population at this time. Something is going on and it could well be something other than what it appears to be. You might well ask yourself; why it is that so much is happening to tear everything apart and spread so much fear and confusion when those milking the herd are in no danger of running out of milk?

My theory (in part) is that this is a part of the process by which evil destroys itself. Evil’s reach always exceeds its grasp (check your history) and it never sees what truly endangers it because it is only fixed on gain and the offensive. It steps right into a trap of its own design. I would argue that there is a mysterious force in the cosmos, some arcane mathematics in nature, which always guarantees that particular behavior will eventually lead to a particular result. Call it karma, destiny or thermodynamic law. Call it what you please.

This is just to say, “Pay attention.” Look at the misdirection in that Guardian article and look at the pervasiveness of the misdirection all around you. One lulled into accepting what they are being told is similar to one putting on a weighted jacket on a sinking ship. Anyone who addressed 9/11 that doesn’t mention Mossad and the CIA as the culprits is a disinfo agent or a coward. You can’t walk away with part of the truth and expect the truth to walk away with all of you.

Does knowing the truth do you any good? Does it change what happened and does the larger part of the world pay attention or even want to know? That’s beside the point. One day you will find yourself in a situation where cutting the corner on what you are willing to sacrifice, in order to know the truth, has made you an enemy of yourself.