Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Boston Globe Farts in America's Face

After yesterday, I can hardly believe they followed up with such agenda-pushing garbage!!

Actually, I can very well. See:

The History of Global Cooling (it is raining here again this morning, readers)

Antarctica Ice Sheet Also Expanding

The Boston Globe's Fart Fumes

The Boston Globe Says Get Rid Of Your Car

Nevertheless, we get this shit-shovel from the lying, agenda-pushing fucks!!!!!!!!!

"Boston 1st in savings from forgoing car" by Noah Bierman | September 14, 2008

It's a tough leap to ditch the car completely, but a new survey says that Boston is the most cost-effective place in the country to live without one.

So when you richers giving up the limos?

The American Public Transportation Association compiled the survey using the cost of monthly transit passes, parking rates, and a driving formula developed by the American Automobile Association that factors in gas, car insurance, maintenance, and other costs of car ownership. (Note the bias. APTA represents public transit agencies and really wants you to junk your car and hop on a bus).

I've only got one word for it: CHUTZPAH!!!


Pot... kettle... black!!!!!!


But THAT is NOT the END of our Sunday morning shit shovel, oh no....

In the late 1990s, everyone wanted to be part of the Internet revolution. Now, there's a similar level of enthusiasm building around companies tackling the world's energy challenges. And many people from the biotech, software, and hardware fields are seeking out - and finding - opportunities to make a career switch.

Guerster was among the first. A veteran of Open Market Inc., a pioneering e-commerce firm, and the venture capital industry, Guerster cofounded Groom Energy Solutions in 2005. The Swampscott consultancy works with companies such as EMC Corp. and Rayhteon Co. to make their facilities more energy efficient, or link them with renewable energy sources.


Yeah, the globalists are going to save us!!!

Companies are yearning for people who think green - and not just because it's the color of money.

Because firms are increasingly looking for people who can do more than turn a profit, some universities in Boston and around the country are creating "green" master's in business administration and other graduate programs aimed at training business leaders to think about maximizing energy efficiency and improving workers' conditions in addition to raising the bottom line. Harvard, Brandeis, and Boston universities are among the schools that are offering these business school programs.


Thank God I'm not in school anymore; I'd get kicked out of class because I can't put up with this lying bullshit anymore!!!!

Keep shoveling, Globe:

"Employment in state still relatively robust" by Robert Gavin, Globe Staff | September 14, 2008

As the nation struggles with an economic downturn, you can at least say one thing for Massachusetts: There are a lot of worse places to be looking for a job. The economy here is slowing, but unlike many other states, Massachusetts is still adding jobs.

Yeah, but they are an ELITE SLIVER of jobs (please read article until end).

The job market here has been buoyed by traditionally strong sectors, including technology, scientific research, healthcare, and education. Employment in professional, scientific, and technical services rose 3.1 percent over the past year; healthcare, 2.5 percent; education, 1.4 percent; and information, which includes software makers, 1.2 percent, according to the state Department of Workforce Development.

That compares to the less than a half-percent growth in total Massachusetts employment, and one-tenth percent decline nationally in employment.

That means YOU, average citizen!!!!!

Don't you love how the Globe can find the kernel of elite shit in the shit pile of everyday life for the rest of us?!!!

"The outlook really depends on what field you're in," said Alan Clayton-Matthews, a professor and economic forecaster at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

The state has been helped by its large healthcare and education sectors, which are not as susceptible to cyclical downturns.

Yeah, because THEY TOSS AWAY TAX $$$$!!!!!

Higher education, in fact, often does better when the economy is weak, as students, instead of testing the job market, stay in school to pursue advanced degrees, while others return to retool skills.

I'm just shaking my head! I am SO SICK of the FUCKING MSM LYING and SHIT SHOVELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staffing firms say job prospects in technology, healthcare, science, and professional services such as accounting, are also still pretty good. Aaron Green, president of Professional Staffing Group of Boston, said the slowing economy has curbed demand for workers even in these fields, but it's far different than the 2001 recession when the technology sector crashed, thousands lost jobs, and hiring was frozen.

Oh, NOW comes the BAD NEWS!!!! Sigh!!!!!!!!

"There's still not an excess of good people on the market," Green said. "Companies are becoming a little more selective, workers are looking a little longer, but the offers are still coming in."

Laura Matela, area director for Adecco, a global human resources company, said biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies are seeking not only researchers, but also clerical, administrative, and other staff.

Need I even say it?

Still, Massachusetts jobs in sectors tied to housing and consumer spending, which has slowed considerably under the weight of declining home values and high energy costs, are harder to find.

That's MOST of the REST OF US, folks!!


Employment in real estate has dropped 3.4 percent over the past year; and in construction, 2.1 percent. Arts, entertainment, and recreation outfits have sliced 1.7 percent of their jobs. Retailers have cut employment by 1.6 percent.

Staffing firms say they are also seeing hiring slow in financial services, affected by the turmoil in stock and other financial markets. Financial services employment grew by just two-tenths of a percent in the last year.

Who gives a FUCK about the GOD-DAMN BANKERS?!!

I say SEND 'EM SWINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!