Monday, September 29, 2008

What To Do Today

Already did my part. Told girl who answered Olver's office if it passed my money was coming out, that they shouldn't be doing this thing, and if it passes I'm voting against every incumbent. Kerry -- who is up for reelection -- had machine taking calls, so I left him a scathing message and told him if he voted for it, out comes the dough along with you, senator.

"Bailout negotiations break down into bipartisan bickering

"Just now the ranking members of the House issued a statement, which basically sounds like "we made progress", but reading between the lines, they do NOT have the votes to pass the bill.


This is a rip-off of the taxpayer to make rich people richer. Remember, this is the same government and media that assured you Saddam had "nookular" weapons. You KNOW they lie to you. Bush is the little boy who cried "nuke" and we have no reason to listen to his phony warnings now, especially as this whole bailout is just a repeat of the same scam his father pulled on us all back in the 1980s.

Go to and get the contact info for your congresscritter. Do NOT waste time with emails. Do NOT fall for the websites that promise to get your message to Congress for you with a single click; most of those are run by PR companies trying to shield congress from seeing just how angry we all are.

But we ARE getting through. In interview after interview we are seeing congresscritters admit their offices are being flooded with phone calls ans FAXes.

So, phone their offices, FAX their offices, even better VISIT their offices and let them know you support the "nookular" option if the bailout is passed. President Bush says it is permissible to wipe out an entire Pakistani village to get one suspected terrorist. Under that precedent it is permissible for We The People to vote out all of Congress to get one suspected greedy bastard.

Tell your congressman that the very first thing you will do if the bailout passes is go to the bank and withdraw all your money, and that you will urge your friends to do the exact same thing at the exact same time.

THAT will get their attention!" --Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up