Thursday, September 25, 2008

The REAL Reason For Bush's Bailout

"Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treasury's bail-out: The REAL reason for the desperate haste?

They claim this dire urgency to reach an agreement at break-neck speed on seizing our money is necessary to bring some much-needed order and stability to their precious markets. As if $700bn would fix up THIS catastrophic mess! And what's all this about said agreement not being subsequently reviewable or reversible by ANY court of appeal no matter how high? Somewhat suspicious to say the least, wouldn't you say?

Let's think about it for a moment in the light of what we know about these crooked banksters. The degree of desperation demonstrated by Ben, Henry and others in their frantic pleas to Congress could more accurately be attributed to something else entirely and here Phaedrus sets out his suspicions as to a more probable ulterior motive behind the extraordinary haste. As usual, we'll do so by way of a short analogy. We like analogies here on World Peace. You may have noticed!

Imagine then, if you will, a beautiful, brim-full lake like - oh, I don't know - say Lake Michigan. All the time the water level is high, everything's real pretty, life is sweet and everyone's happy. A while later, however, imagine a structural fault in the lake bed developing which causes the water to gradually drain away. Slowly more and more of the shoreline dries up and extends as the water level continues to sink. More and more it resembles a fetid swap with an evil stench to match. Eventually, long hidden objects on the lake floor begin to become visible for the first time. The roofs of clapped-out old cars dumped years ago by owners who'd claimed they'd been stolen to get the insurance money are first to break the surface. More and more unsightly wreckage is gradually revealed by the subsiding waters until finally, the lake is nothing more than a bone-dry basin peppered with old jalopies, rusty bicycles, the skeletons of murder victims, and hastily concealed impliments of past crimes: knives, guns, iron bars and what-have-you.

Now Phaedrus proposes that this is the scenario these rogue financiers are so DESPERATE to prevent arising. They are seeking to use OUR money to ensure the 'lake of liquidity' is kept topped-up sufficiently to prevent the evidence of the extent of their craven thievery from coming to light. The proposed injection of yet more liquidity into the system (or 'lake basin' in this analogy)will - temporarily at any rate - cover up a considerable amount of highly embarrassing criminal evidence!

Every time throughout history that there's a been downturn in the economy - here or abroad - businesses that seemed fine in the good times but fail when things get tough often turn out to have been improperly run (that's a polite way of saying FRAUD is involved). Recessions not only cull inefficient businesses, they reveal the bent ones for what they are, too and the folks that run them typically wind up in jail. This scenario never fails to materialize during any period of economic difficulty you care to mention. Now here today, we are in a period of GRAVE economic difficulty where we can reasonably expect that the most prolific and deep-rooted crooks at the business end of the money trail will become progressively exposed as the pool of liquidity which previously concealed their duplicitous chicanery continues to dry-up. This, in Phaedrus's submission, is the REAL reason for the desperate clamor for yet another big shot of liquidity and nothing to do with market stability.

The only proper course of action therefore is NOT to replenish the 'lake' until the LEAK (Israel and the pockets of the Zionist banksters) has been stopped up, and every item of forensic evidence that's being exposed by this money drought has been collected, cataloged, thoroughly investigated, and the rogues responsible for this chronic, systemic fraud against our nation are exposed for the embezzlers they are are and dealt with in a manner commensurate with the magnitude of their vile and despicable crimes. It is vitally important, therefore, that Congress must not allow itself to be browbeaten and railroaded into letting these JERKS off the hook by acceding to their insistent calls for an irreversible agreement of such size with far-reaching implications in the space of a few short days. The American people will come to hate them for it if they fail us YET again and show no courage and guts in the face of these crooks' intimidation.