Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Weep for Wall Street

I'm not.

"Why Main Street SHOULDN'T Weep for Wall Street

Why should anyone who isn't a Wall Street insider cry for their demise?

At their height of glory, what were they up to?

Corporate raiders taking over firms and ransacking the pension funds, borrowing against the firm and then declaring bankruptcy, sending thousands into unemployment.

Massive tax breaks and insider deals for Wall Street fronted companies to exploit the American forests and wilderness areas for some oil, coal and uranium, then when the mine taps out, walk away from your phony front company, let it go into default and let the American public pick up the bill for cleaning up those toxic wastelands.

Massive tax cuts for Wall Street firms that offshored their jobs to China with more people laid off.

Outsourcing of other jobs to India and Mexico, with more unemployment, moves that were financed and approved by Wall Street.

Constant inflation of the money supply for Wall Street that the Fed engineered by printing Monopoly money 24/7 to help finance those sweetheart insider Wall Street deals that left Americans holding the bag and the bill.

The Gold Panic of 1893, the Bank Panic of 1907, the Crash of 1929, the 1980's looting of the Savings and Loan industry and the current debacle going on in and around Wall Street, where the Armani clad grifters are trying to tag us for several trillion dollars, all courtesy of Wall Street.

All the while, one bubble after another got blew up then blown up by Wall Street financial sharpies. The Internet bubble. The credit bubble. The housing bubble and the really monstrous one that's lurking in the background, the derivative bubble.

The richest fucks on Wall Street paid Congress to cut the taxes on the wealthiest and then moved massive amounts of that loot to TAX FREE offshore havens in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

All of these Wall Street programs fucked over this country, with less taxes to pay for health care, little money for infrastructure maintenance and less for schools.

We're supposed to give tons of our money to a motley collection of Wall Street con artists, pimps, grifters and hustlers and feel bad if we don't?

The same Wall Street that fought tooth and nail for decades against Big Government interfernce in their various games of "Three Card Monte," and is now wailing like a cat in heat for Big Government bailout.

That Wall Street? (Thanks, Nepo!)

The same Wall Street that for years and years always gave "Two-Thumbs Up" to the stock of that slave labor plantation known as WalMart, and at the same time, constantly downgraded the stock of Costco, saying the wages Costco paid to its employees were TOO high.

Save that Wall Street?

The same Wall Street that gets a hard on anytime it hears of some Fortune 500 company downsizing, throwing thousands of people out of work?

That Wall Streeet?

And this same bunch of bastards are threatening to tank not only ours, but the world's economy if we don't hand over our life savings?

This is what Americans are supposed to rally around and save?



I second that motion.