Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Little Girl of Afghanistan

So which of her relatives did the U.S murder? Father? Grandfather? Uncle? Brother? All of them?

"Index on Afghanistan and Pakistan - Murder & Security, Aug/Sept. ’08
We cannot kill our way to victory. Admiral Michael Mullen

1. Preface

The occupation in Afghanistan is about security for US bases and US “strategic interests.”

The occupation is not about “security” for the Afghan people, any more than the occupation in Iraq is about “security” for the Iraqi people. Hiring of intelligence staff won’t help the present ‘unintelligent’ US-NATO activities.

Nor will the present U.S. bombing campaign in Pakistan bring them "democracy" -- the many "apologies" for killing civilians ring hollow.

Too many innocent civilians have suffered murder for this U.S.-NATO “security” in the so-called “War on Terror.” In the last two months, civilian deaths have multiplied exponentially. US contempt for life is evident.

The world is correct in worrying about the “two page note” that holds NATO in wedlock with Afghanistan. This same Washington Post article also writes about ‘security’ for the death dealers: "the conduct of ongoing military operations gives U.S. troops "a status equivalent" to diplomatic immunity and exempting them from any Afghan "disciplinary authority" or legal jurisdiction. For this reason, immunity will be a problem in Afghanistan, just as it is in Iraq.

Afghanistan has never been and is not a “Just War;” is not the “Right War;” is not a “Good War.” Unfortunately, many “Good people” believe that it is.

Following is a Timeline of US Policy Disasters.


Indeed, given the fact that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, then ALL THESE PEOPLE KILLED by the U.S. are INNOCENTS!!!!

No matter what you think of their lifestyles, culture, or religion, folks, they are INNOCENTS ALL!!!!!!