Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prefabricated Prisons Coming to a Place Near You

For the ensuing unrest after... whatever.

"Instant Prefab prisons arriving in Utah, many pictures

The US already has by far the highest per capita prison population in the world.

Posted 9/21/08

New Lego Building Blocks for the Big Boys!

I received the following communication today. It appears the Government has new Lego building blocks to play with. Prison cells that are designed to snap together to build a prison anywhere at any time to meet the demand.The new Lego style can be snapped together to make a hundred, a thousand, or hundred thousand cell prisons, two, three, or ten blocks high. Rather expensive to make these mobile type units don’t you think? Our government must see a need for them somewhere. Your home town when needed maybe?

Move em in, move em out when and where needed! The people need to confiscate a few of these units and stack them in DC and Wall Street. They are truly needed there and could be put to good use.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien

The communication received today 09/21/08 is as follows:


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