Sunday, September 14, 2008

U.S. Workers Feeding Wall Street Looters

"Even in tough economic times, workers add to their retirement plans

Workers spooked by inflation, unemployment, and Wall Street jitters could be forgiven for keeping money in their pockets rather than putting it away for retirement. Still, many continue to contribute to their retirement accounts. And they're likely snapping up bargains in the process.

Really? I'm WITHDRAWING and LIVING OFF mine!!!!

Vanguard's Center for Retirement Research said triple the number of plans it oversees automatically enrolled workers in 2007 compared with 2005. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 made it easier for employers to act on behalf of new workers by starting them out in a retirement account rather than waiting for employees to sign up.

What happened to my FREEDOM of CHOICE?!


So some workers who might not otherwise have invested are now buying into a beaten-down market. That means they aren't as likely to miss out on a rebound as investors who decide to wait it out.

Fuck you and your FALSE PROMISES, assholes!!!!

Keep reading for the BAD NEWS LATER!!!!

While the stock market's ups and downs are unpleasant for many investors, the declines provide an ideal time for workers to add money to a plan like a 401(k). Doing so enables investors to buy stocks on the cheap. And if they have a long time until retirement, buying in a difficult markets makes even more sense.

That's ALL THEY WANT: your $$$$!!!!!!!

FUCK investing in those SHIT HOLE LOOTERS!!!!!!!

But Barry Glassman, a financial planner at Cassaday & Co. in McLean, Va., said workers rarely miss the dollars taken from their paycheck though they might later agonize when they see their contributions eaten up.

Not only agonize, buddy, but ENRAGE, too!!!!!!

Workers starting out might not notice the initial hits their investments take because the amount they add from each paycheck can make up for losses, Glassman said. But workers can panic in later years when losses look more pronounced.

What a FUCKING SCAM these scum have going, 'eh? And yet I gotta pay a PENALTY to get MY MONEY AWAY FROM THEM?!!!!!

Time to HANG the FUCKING BANKERS!!!!!!!!

Even those who begin investing in difficult times can trip themselves up by shifting too much money into defensive areas like government bonds, Glassman said. It's important to maintain a diversified portfolio because beaten-down areas might not recover at the same pace.

Translation: We don't know what the fuck we are talking about; however, don't look our way once we rip you off!!!!!