Friday, September 26, 2008

Memory Hole: Barney and Business

(Updated: Originally published November 19, 2006)

Just a REMINDER who BARN is WORKING FOR -- and that HE, as much as anyone, has a BIG HAND in this MESS!!!!!

Any hope that Congress will change just got dropped by Barney.

Barney wants to cozy up to business. His plan?

"Rep. Frank offers business a 'grand bargain'; Reduced regulations for more job benefits" by Michael Kranish and Ross Kerber/Boson Globe November 19, 2006

Democrats would agree to reduce regulations and support free-trade deals in exchange for businesses agreeing to greater wage increases and job benefits for workers.

Looks like only one side made out on that one, huh?

If businesses support a minimum wage increase and provide protection for workers adversely affected by trade treaties, Democrats would be more willing to ease regulations and approve free-trade deals. Frank also would support changes to immigration rules favored by businesses, and noted that allowing more immigrants would put needed funds into the Social Security system.

Frank casts his proposal as a way for capitalists to quell some of the populist fervor that was expressed in last week's election, when many Democrats vowed to crack down on companies moving jobs overseas.

Frank, in a speech about his grand bargain, told Boston business leaders on the morning after Election Day:

"I'm a capitalist, and that means I'm for inequality, but you reach a point where you get more inequality than is healthy, and I believe we're at that point."

And you have done absolutely nothing, Barney.

The problems are worse than they have ever been.

That's your liberal Democrat for you!

Barney is in favor of inequality, and that's just great news since the richest people in this country are getting richer faster.

The Class War is over, and it looks like the American people lost!

See where the class war is now? Between the "Haves and Have Mores."

Braney's plan will accelerate job flight (and it has).

A starting point could be health care. Many businesses are trying to shed high health care premiums. Frank hopes that workers and businesses can agree on a government-administered plan paid for by workers that would reduce burdens on businesses, which would pass on savings to employees through higher wages:

"I think employer-paid health care is a mistake. I think it depresses wages."

Stephen J. Collins , president of the Automotive Trade Policy Council, which represents Detroit's Big Three automakers, said business leaders would welcome such a discussion with Frank:

"There has to be a partnership between government and industry to solve some of these problems, and health is one of them."

Hey, I'll be glad for the national health care; however, did you notice the consideration begins only when it is costly for business?

To hell with the American public -- 75% of whom have wanted national health care for decades. Workers to pay for it to reduce the price for business?

You know, I'm sick of being pushed, pushed, pushed to subsidize the rich guy!

Now you want me to pay for the plan, under the promise that I'll get higher wages?

Fuck you, Barn! (Actually, I take that back).

It's like the government subsidizing tobacco -- until the health effects became too costly for the government!

THEN the lying fuckers package the no-smoking effort as protection for the public, as if they are concerned about us!


But Barney is a liberal Democrat that cares about the working man, right?

I mean, we just got rid of a bunch of corrupt Republicans, so the new Dem chairman won't be influenced by big money, right?


Many national representatives of the financial industries have become major Frank supporters. In the 2006 election cycle, banking and financial industries poured $457,299 in Political Action Committee money to Frank's campaign fund, accounting for the majority of the $721,561 in committee funds that he received. By comparison, labor union committees , a more traditional ally of liberal Democrats, gave Frank $83,000."

Yeah, Barn knows where the mouth is supposed to go.

Latches right on to his corporate masters with the Louisiana Lip-Lock!

As for the rabble, I'm sure Barney knows how to screw us.

Meanwhile, my local tells me that the Dow is an inaccurate measure of the economy, and is a schism that is not benefiting average people.

Nooooo! Ya don't say?