Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Coming MOSSAD False-Flag Attack against US Personnel in Israel

"The Coming MOSSAD False-Flag Attack against US personnel in Israel

The MOSSAD and the war mongering elements in the Israeli government must be licking their chops over this gift handed to them of American personnel stationed in Israel this past week to maintain anti-missile radar and "defenses" against an Iranian attack, as this story shows.

The MOSSAD are experts at false-flag attacks, by dressing up as Arabs and committing mayhem, which Israel and her complaint American MSM blame on some group or country Israel wants to blow to bits.

Even the Pentagon knows that the MOSSAD are skilled in the use of false-flags, as this article shows about a study of the MOSSAD by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies or SAMS:

"Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Those American personnel currently in Israel have a bulls-eye painted on their backs in the shape of the Star of David.

So far, Israel has been unable to trick America into invading Iran. Their echo chamber of bought and paid for DC politicians and pseudo-journalists haven't been able to ramp up the fear factor that was so instrumental in getting America to invade Iraq.

So Israel will use their time-tested method of dressing up like Arabs and launching a raid on the Americans stationed in Israel, conveniently in the Negev Desert.

That is where the attackers will come from, the Negev, helping feed into the planned story line that those camel jockeys were behind this outrage.

The Israeli's will launch a savage and brutal false-flag attack against the Americans, to get American blood boiling and demanding revenge.

The MOSSAD assassins that perpetrate the attack will leave around clues that point the finger of blame at Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel will yank some Arab prisoners out of their cells, dragging them to the Israeli staged massacre and shoot them, when members of the IDF come to "rescue" their American friends.

And like that other false-flag, 9/11, convenient clues will be scattered about the crime scene, pointing back at Israel's enemies. These clues will be broadcast and on the air within hours of Israel's murderous activities, with CNN and FUX both on the ground in Tel Aviv, showing pics 24/7 of the deadly raid.

The MOSSAD might even film a throat cutting or a beheading on video, to show and inflame Americans into a frenzy.

That's when Bush or McBama will address the nation, in a somber tone, saying we know the Iranians financed and helped plan this attack, blah, blah, blah.

And off America will go, fighting another war for Israel.