Monday, September 29, 2008

Breaking News: House Defeats Bush Bailout Bill as Dow Drops 500 Points

Update: Vote Read tally; see if your congressman is a traitor. MINE (Olver, aye) IS!!!

I watched the vote totals as they came in on C-Span:

YEA -- 207 votes
NAY -- 226 votes.

God BLESS them all -- EACH and EVERY ONE!!!!!

And YOU, American voters who CALLED CONGRESS and PROTESTED!!!!!

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It was DOWN 700 a FEW MINUTES ago.

Now CNN is reporting that VOTES are being STRONG-ARMED to CHANGE!!!

Well, if THIS BILL GOES THROUGH NOW, there will be HELL TO PAY, Washington!!!!!

Think of THAT before you CHANGE YOUR VOTES, assholes!!!

Now I hear they are working on ANOTHER VERSION!

What Part of "NO!" Does the U.S. Congress Not Understand?

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Update (9:15 p.m. edt): What I have seen the entire afternoon on the tv after the WALL STREET BAILOUT has FAILED has been DISGUSTING!!!
As soon as it went down to defeat, the TV news made it BREAKING NEWS!!! The "crisis" went from Wall Street to Main Street, and the Wall Street and MSM types all had serious frowns on their faces. The crisis was now going to affect YOUR SAVINGS and YOUR JOBS and YOUR RETIREMENTS!!!

What a CROCK of CRAP!!!! The WHOLESALE MISREPRESENTATION of the issue by this LYING, AGENDA-PUSHING, PRO-CORPORATE, PRO-RICH MSM is SICKENING BEYOND BELIEF!!! There is NO TALK of the PUBLIC being UNIVERSALLY AGAINST THIS TAXPAYER GIVEAWAY tot he wealthy of Wall Street!! It is just the same old shit song when it comes to the issues they are advancing -- and it is NOT in OUR INTERESTS, readers!!!
They are portraying the REJECTION of this GIVEAWAY as a FAILURE when it is a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS in DEMOCRACY!!!!! That's the LYING AmeriKan MSM for you!!!

So after the vote, with the tv people all over it, the MARKET MANIPULATORS at the DOW start work! I WATCHED the DOW PLUNGE and thought to myself "This is ON PURPOSE to PUNISH the people who are against this money grab" and ADVANCE the AGENDA by exacerbating the "problem."
It ended DOWN 777 by the time the lying looters down there were through!! It was an AMAZING thing to BEHOLD -- the MSM quickly move to PROPAGANDA MODE after an UNEXPECTED ALTERATION in the script! (I later saw the the Bush administration was "shell-shocked" over the defeat. Really? I guess getting their way unimpeded the last eight years really gave them an attitude, huh?)

The FINAL INSULT that compelled me to type this update was the CLINTON FOLKS COMING ON and saying THIS IS ABOUT MAIN STREET and the ENTIRE ECONOMY is AT RISK!! Doesn't it BOTHER YOU, America, that the TWO PARTIES AGREE AGAINST YOUR WISHES?!! That the "representatives" of the "people" DO NOT GIVE a DAMN WHAT WE SAY?!!!
That the MSM SO LIES about the PARAMETERS of the "debate?" That the DEMOCRATS are IN LINE with BUSH in fulfilling their corporate masters' wishes?

And now they are coming home, huh? Well, GET AFTER THEM, America!!!!!! REJECT and VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS and if that doesn't work, WARM UP the TAR PITS!!!!!!!!
Hell, I'll even OFFER YOU UP MY REP for starters!!!!!

What part of N-O does the U.S. Congress NOT UNDERSTAND?

Talk about DATE RAPISTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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