Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush to Address Nation Tonight

"Bush to address nation tonight on economy woes

I can tell you already what Bush is going to say.

They cannot get the votes in Congress to vote through this bailout package. So Bush is going to try to persuade you what a really neat-o keen idea this is to give $700 billion (minimum) of YOUR money to Paulson to hand out to Wall Street any way he sees fit.

Bush is going to talk about sacrifice (yours) to save the investors in the banks (his family and cronies) and how this is all good for America. He may even be desperate enough to flog 9-11 one more time and claim its really the terrorists who have tried to bankrupt the nation.

Then Bush is going to ask that Americans call their Congressmen to urge a yes vote on the bailout.

FOLLOWING THAT, THE FAKE PHONE BANKS RUN BY PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRMS WILL GO INTO OPERATION TO FLOOD CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES WITH PHONE CALLS AND FAXES IN SUPPORT OF THE BAILOUT. And the only thing that will stop this swindle from working is for YOU to keep calling, FAXing, and visiting your congresscritters' offices over and over and over again.

This fight is for the future of the entire nation, and people,. the other side plays DIRTY!" -- Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up

I'll have to call again tomorrow and the next day then; I would advise you to do the same, readers!