Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Boston Globe Says Get Rid Of Your Car

This as they are PROMOTING NASCAR on the FRONT-PAGE!!!


"Auto traders; Families who give up their cars like the savings - and their life in the slow lane" by Emma Brown, Globe Correspondent | September 13, 2008

You see what is going on, don't you?

When Janie Katz-Christy and her husband needed to take their three children from Cambridge to Newton for a cousin's birthday party this summer and to Medford for dinner at a friend's house, they didn't pile into the family car. They couldn't. There is no family car.

"We gave it away last November," says Katz-Christy, 51, a lifelong cyclist who drove infrequently but worried that going completely car-free might leave her stranded in an emergency. "I kept hanging on," she says. "I had had a car for 30 years, and was a little hesitant to get rid of it."

Now, she and her family get around by bicycle, bus, and train. Seven-year-old Max pedaled 10 miles to that Newton birthday bash with his father, while mom and two daughters, 9 and 11, took the subway and commuter rail. A little research revealed that a city bus leaving from just outside Katz-Christy's home would take the family to within a block and a half of their friend's home in Medford.

But that's taking away our tax base for fixing the roads!

Commuters have been ditching their automobiles in droves since gas prices spiked earlier this year. Now, a small but growing number of middle-class Boston-area parents are also embracing the car-free calculus. It's not an act of martyrdom, they say, but a choice to slow down, simplify, and improve the quality of everyday life. Plus, going without four wheels saves money, shrinks greenhouse gas emissions, and encourages exercise.

Doesn't the Globe every get tired of shoveling shit?

Lisa-Maria Mehta, a Jamaica Plain mother who is replacing a Ford Focus station wagon with a cargo bicycle that can hold her three children (all under 6 years old), describes herself as sedentary and had not been on a bicycle for six years until recently, says she's living differently now: shopping at Costco once every two months rather than twice a week, and getting groceries and other goods delivered to cut down on errands. She's been challenged by this summer's rainy weather and a steep hill she has to climb on her way home, but hopes to give up the family minivan when her youngest child, now 2 years old, starts kindergarten.

Yup, see the "History of Global Cooling" post I put up today, readers.


Fact is, I RODE a BIKE for TEN YEARS in the '90s in ALL WEATHER and IT SUCKED!!!


That's why I LOVE the TEENS POPPING OUT the BABIES!!!!

HAVE AT IT, kiddos, because I NEVER DID!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Richman and her husband, Kenneth, a professor of bioethics at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, have been using the subway and buses to get around since 2004.

How much that job pay?

"It's not like there aren't hurdles. There are . . . but they are not hurdles that are unmanageable," says Leslie, now a stay-at-home mother of two 2-year-olds. She orders cases of diapers from Amazon and gets her groceries delivered.

Can YOU afford to do that? I CAN'T!!!

And I ain't carryoing them in a backpack no more!!!!

"I have a responsibility to make sure the planet continues to be habitable for my children," she says of the environmental benefits of going car-free, "but frankly there are enormous health benefits. I lost all my pregnancy weight in three months and never even considered having to do Jenny Craig."

Who gives a fuck about your fat, flabby ass?!!!!

Does the concern about the planet extend to NASCAR and the WAR MACHINE, or just YOU OWN SMELLY FECES, lady?!!!!!!!!!!

The family deals with winter by bundling up: Without the expense of a car, they have extra dollars for high-quality cold-weather gear, including miniature crampons for walking on icy sidewalks.


EAT SHIT, AmeriKa, because YOU SEEM TO LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's easier for urban than suburban families to live without cars, and easier for parents with job flexibility than those with a rigid 9-to-5 schedule, admits Melissa Glenn Haber, a novelist who stopped driving when she crashed her father's car at age 16.

In other words, the RICH and PRIVILGED can AFFORD to do this -- not the scum rabble that is getting fucked out here!!!!

And SOMEONE want to check this woman's PSYCHE?!!! Why does she have to take out HER PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS out on the REST OF US!!!!

She works during the school day and has time in the afternoons to shepherd her three children - a 10-year-old and 7-year-old twins - by bus or on foot to fencing, pottery, and music lessons.

How does she manage without a car? "The same way you live without a jet pack," she says. "It's just a matter of getting used to things, a slight shift in expectations. I can't cram as much into a day as someone with a car. I have low blood pressure."

Translation: I will EAT SHIT as my LIVING STANDARDS DROP!!!!

FUCK YOU, AmeriKa!!!! If you are going to EAT THIS SHIT, then EAT IT!!!!

I'll HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To keep her children occupied whenever a bus is long in coming, Glenn Haber carries a travel Boggle set and a dice game called Cosmic Wimpout in her purse. Her children are accustomed to walking, she says, and don't mind it.

"It doesn't really tire my feet out," says her daughter Mattie, 10. "A lot of places actually aren't very far away."

Yeah, and if they said "It sucked," they wouldn't be making the article -- and who knows what else (beating?)!!!!