Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Honor of Indra

"I put this brief up because elephants are my second-favorite animal next to these guys.

When you take a look at the magnificent creatures and watch the video, you realize elephants are very special creatures.

I watched an Animal Planet show on them, and they remember where their herd mates die.

In fact, one died during their journey on the show, and the other elephants had a devil of a time getting the mother to move along.

It was heart-breaking to see the mother elephant wailing, not want to leave her dead calf!

The narrator even pointed out that the elephants were SHOWING EMOTIONS!!!!

And now they are SELF-AWARE ENOUGH to PAINT!!!!

LIFE is PRECIOUS, world!!!

It deserves RESPECT and LOVE, not slaughter

"Escaped elephant is killed by bus

MEXICO CITY - A five-ton elephant escaped from a circus and wandered onto a busy highway, where it was hit by a bus. Both the driver and pachyderm were killed, and four passengers were hospitalized after the pre-dawn collision yesterday in Ecatepec, just north of Mexico City. The Notimex news agency said the elephant named Indra escaped as its keeper arrived to feed it. It knocked down a metal door and wandered through two neighborhoods before trying to cross the highway (AP)."


Would you like being locked up your whole life, readers?

For the record, there are tears here.

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That last link sure is something, huh?

We humans are not as superior to the animals as we think.

Brings tears to my eyes every time!