Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zionist Rabbi Sanctions Holocaust Against Palestinians

The author raise some really great points about this HATE SPEECH and the U.S. Congress. Strange that the Zionist-controlled AmeriKan MSM ignored also ignored this, isn't it?

Where's the ADL when you REALLY NEED THEM?

"Israeli rabbis to Olmert: "It doesn't matter if you kill millions of Palestinians

You will not hear members of the US Congress condemn these men, or their blood thirst. You will not hear them called either "terrorists" or "extremists" or "fanatics" which is what they are.

You will not hear calls to close the Jewish schools in Israel because this is what they teach. You wont have the US State Department writing their text books, attempting to re-write their Talmud.

You wont hear the truth from their scholars and rabbis who seldom admit they lost or destroyed the Torah, and rewrote another of their own. They wrote these calls for mass murder. No God would ever condone collective punishment and massacres and theft.

They are lying on God. They attempted to killed Jesus because he told the world what they were up to, and both David and Jesus cursed the ancient Jewish rabbis and their courts.

This fanaticism is why the Jewish settlers feel that they can attack Palestinians, kill them and destroy their property. This is what the US Congress supports.

There are few people who will admit the seriousness of this problem. If this is Judaism, it means that these
people are not capable of co-existing with non Jews, and they are not capable of abiding by any law other than an ancient code of barbaric conduct that ultimately led them into captivity in Babylon.

If this is not Judaism, then the Jews who are living in the 21st century should speak out and condemn this form of fanatical, terrorist, extremist Judaism.

Neither Steven Emerson, nor Daniel Pipes ever ventured to tell us that all of the lies they told on Islam,
were the truth about their brand of Judaism. We should also make every attempt to see that the rabbis that
issued such rulings as the ones mentioned here, before or after the illegal war on Gaza, are also tried in
courts of international law.

They have frightened, bullied and silenced the world with these bullying lies and claims of "chosen" and "divine authority."

They will never frighten Muslims, or deter our quest for justice, which includes bringing these people to justice for what they have done in Gaza. (Opinion added by Anisa Abd el Fattah)

GAZA, (PIC)-- A report issued by the Saudi Al-Watan news paper revealed Saturday that Jewish rabbis in the Zionist entity have issued a religious edict allowing the killing of Palestinian women and children and exonerating every Jew doing such horrible thing.

According to the paper, the rabbis opined that the Israeli massacres in Gaza Strip falls in line with Jewish teachings that consider such killing as "mass punishment to the enemies".

The paper also added that one of the rabbis opined that there would be no problem at all in exterminating the Palestinian people even if one million or more of them were killed at the hands of the occupation troops.

Citing verses from the Book of Geneses, Jewish rabbi Mordachi Elyaho, who is the religious reference of the popular religious current in the Zionist entity sent outgoing Israeli premier Ehud Olmert a weekly leaflet containing articles allowing the Jews to carryout the idea of massive punishment against the enemies in accordance with the ethics of war in the Torah, the paper pointed out.

"This standard could also be applied to the case of Gaza as all Gaza inhabitants bear the responsibility because they didn't do anything to stop the firing of Qassam Brigades" said Elyaho in his letter to Olmert, urging him to continue the military aggression on the Palestinians because "harming innocent Palestinians was a legitimate matter."

Yesrael Rozin, another fanatic rabbi, was also quoted as saying that law of the Torah stipulates the killing of men, children, women, elderly, infants, and animals [of the enemy], the paper furthermore added.

For his part, Safad rabbi Sholomo Elyaho underlined, "If we kill 100 of them but they refuse to halt this [firing of rockets] them we should kill 1000; and if we kill 1000 of them but they didn't stop, then we should kill 10000 of them, and we must continue killing them even if they reach one million and despite the time spent in killing them".

"The Psalms says "I should continue chasing my enemies and arrest them, and I won't cease till I finish them completely", the rabbi said according to the report.