Monday, February 2, 2009

The Con Games

"The Con Games

Con games have been around forever. They are as old as civilization itself. The cons have altered their tactics to fit the times but they remain basically the same, to separate people from their labor earned assets. War is the most hideous form of the con game of theft.

Fahim Knight writes;

(Some) Con Games are mere inconsequential and child’s play in comparison to the ones the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Money Changers have played on all of humanity. They are masters in the science of “tricknology” and are behind this economic meltdown that the world economy is experiencing today. The masses have been duped and continue to be duped; these Con Artists have no shame in their Game. They have always pulled all the political, economic, and social strings that affect all of humanity. We love the Devil because he gives us nothing.

The Bush administration used 9/11, which was induced to create fear and this mood of fear would be systematically used as a con game ploy to having us surrender our rights (this was the real deal, it was never about a war on terrorism) and in lieu of allowing the government to protect us from these new so-called enemies—Islamic Terrorist and so-called extremist who were allegedly responsible for bringing the World Trade Center twin towers down to her knees.

Bush and his Masters knew that after 9/11 the public would be dumbfound and could be manipulated into participating in their own enslavement. It was easy to blame a group of people that was already marginalized for the 9/11 tragedy and no one would question the government's motive. The so-called Cold War had ended in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and the United States Government and its private defense contractors who had profited huge and reaped unimaginable monetary profits during this time from the manufacturing and selling of military hardware around the world to Warsaw nations and NATO nations. They were deeply concerned with the basic question of supply and demand—this was the impetus for our involvement in Iraq, which has cost the American taxpayers 800 billion dollars and billions more in Afghanistan.

We have been conned by masterful con artists who took our most precious document the U.S. Constitution and gave us fairy tale stories in return—they keep telling us the terrorist are coming to get us (who are really coming to get us are black boot U.S. Government agents) and we are foolishly looking for some external enemy to attack America. Please do not look too far. Will the real terrorist please stand-up?

The Israelis through the controlled media run some of the most devious con games as A. Peasant writes;

The worst part is how the people who do know the facts, namely Israeli leaders, actively work to nurture mental illness in their own society for the simple fact that it makes their goals easier to achieve.

People don't want to know. They don't want to be confused with facts, especially facts that make them look bad. The official structures of Israel society -- the government, the education system, the media -- accommodate Israeli popular culture, which can be described in one word: victimhood.

The Israelis really crossed the line, however, when they insisted on bringing this mental illness into the United States of America. As an American, I do not appreciate that two percent of our population wields power out of all proportion to their numbers. From print media to television to radio to movies, the Jewish point of view has been amplified to a deafening roar.

Well, that's the way it is, and that's the way it has been, and here were are. The discourse about Israel has been so twisted that most Americans would not even know where to begin to untangle it. But it's actually not so complicated: the Israelis are the aggressors. That is a Conspiracy Fact, like it or not. Justice is not going to come out of this situation until people begin to acknowledge the facts, and the facts cannot be acknowledged until people begin to talk about them, and people will not begin to talk about them until they begin to see that our entire discourse is being managed to avoid this very topic.

The media con games of social engineering are especially ingrained in the American and western psyche.

Sean M. Madden writes;
Is there anyone left out there who hasn’t been sucked into TV Land – British (or American) style – who can still attest to life devoid of the culturally (politically) requisite 3.75 hours of daily TV watching, or 26.25 hours per week? It’s worth noting that Deborah Orr tells us within her article, published in Independent newspaper, that these figures only include broadcast television, not watching DVDs, films in cinemas, YouTube or other internet-broadcast content.

According to Al Gore the American equivalent of this knucklehead phenomenon is “an average of four hours and thirty-five minutes every day,” or “almost three-quarters of all the discretionary time that the average American has.”

Like many things transatlantic, there exists little difference, despite what many Britons blindly believe, between the two criminal-war-waging nations and the complicit cultures they breed.

Once upon a time parents used to be so parental as to limit their kids’ TV watching in order to avoid their offspring turning into pliable goo instead of developing as physically, intellectually and emotionally engaged children. Nowadays you’re a social pariah if as a grown adult you choose not to hook up along with the kids’ grandparents and the kids, of course, to passively imbibe the prescribed daily dose elixir of mindrot, propaganda and advertising. Three generations melded into one brainless heap in one fell swoop! This is the stuff of advertisers’ and criminal politicians’ wet dreams.

Social optimists (and the propagandists whom they tend to be unable to see as propagandists, incapable as they often are of distinguishing between fact and fiction, the two having been stirred into one war-on-terror solution) like to refer to this mutually imbibed TV experience as the social glue which keeps us stuck to one another so that we can do culturally crucial things like chatter empty phrases at “the apocryphal water-cooler”. In other words, to keep us from the dangerous society-splintering activity of having – and sharing – serious, meaningful thoughts.

One aspect of the social con games is that bigger is better.

Rowan Wolf disputes this claim.

We live in a world where the belief seems to be “big is best.” Part of this is a natural consequence of capitalism where the end game is “winner take all.” Corporations get bigger and bigger with ongoing mergers. Financial institutions, which were already huge, are shrinking into an ever smaller collection of even larger institutions. We started bailing selected corporations because they were “too big to fail.” That rationale magnifies as the few remaining gobble up their competitors. No one with public voice seems to raise the question “What are we doing?”

However, the “big” mentality is not only at play in the financial arena. It is systematically at play across the board. Small farmers are eaten up by corporate farms. Small businesses of every sort are eaten up by corporations. Small towns are eaten up by ever-expanding mega-cities.

We see over and over again that the creation of monopolies is a really bad idea. Whether that monopoly is concentrating certain type of production in one nation (i.e. China), capital in a few financial institutions, or food production in corporate agriculture, inevitably disaster lurks.

So maybe instead of our seeming fascination with the wonders and powers of “big,” we should start repeating “small is beautiful.”Remember the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? A wise saying, in my opinion. Anything that happens to that basket risks all the eggs.

The most dangerous of the con games is war. Innocent people die. The brainwashed masses often believe war is necessary and justified. They just never exactly get the basic premise;

"By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War"

The con games of the world are many and never ending. Looking around us we see that they are most of what take up our time and energy.

Incog Man sums up the con games in one sentence;

The Bullshit is now so thick one can walk on it!