Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hold Close to What You Hold Dear

(Blog author's note: I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays. Today I found myself swirling from rage to sadness, laughter to tears, solitary and audible exhortations of affirmation --damn right! -- and, yes, even moments of desperate denial --no, no, please, no. I post this in full with full respect. What I am going to do is sit down and read the post again)

"The Kosher Nostra-Damien, Armaggedon Minstrel Show

As I have been maintaining of late… it’s all coming out and things like this need to be burned into the minds of those who trot along beside the caravan like pariah dogs seeking scraps as the landscape is looted to the ground. Yes… our boy Rahm showing the intentions of the Kosher Nostra as point man for the apocalypse. Any fool can see that the financial collapse has been caused by this just as The Great Depression was.

The hard cold fact that Israel and Zio-con interests were behind 9/11 is beyond debate. Do you wonder at who did the short selling just ‘before’ 9/11? Wonder no more.

What is also beyond debate is that they used this event to cause the Afghanistan invasion and the Iraq War and they are fixed on attacking Iran. This isn’t just a smoking gun. This is a 21 gun salute to fascism and world domination, naked on the Polaroid’s. One has only to look at the links I have just given and weigh them collectively. When you add in the massive evidence of mfraud in the Holocaust Industry it becomes heavier yet. And there is more and more and more. The control of the entertainment industry and the press are also irrefutably true.

Will they succeed in their plans to destroy the gentile world? Will things like this increase to the point of absurdity? As we factor in PNAC and Dov Zaheim and the missing trillions and look at his associations with the remote control industry, then you add in Michael Chertoff being the head of Homeland Security and Joe Lieberman being the head of the Homeland Security Committee, I have to ask… “What does it take for you to pull your head out of your ass and see the light?”

My tinfoil hat is glowing with enough power to heat my home and the surrounding neighborhood and still, people like me are called anti-Semitic… nut jobs… and of course, ‘racist’ by members of the self-chosen at any one of the sewer forums where they gather to gang rape the truth. This is yet another example that a wide conspiracy is in action. The rank and file of the self-chosen fully supports what is taking place. It is a rare voice among them that stands forth in opposition.

I hate to get into things like arcane forces; prophecy and the like but… my mind works in funny ways. I notice things like the presence of just about six million Jews in Israel as if… as if they are gathering themselves together there… thinking one thing while setting themselves up for another… as if they just might get that previously imaginary number of six million after all. The world has a strange way of working against every attempt to gain control of it. No matter how many times anyone has tried, they’ve never gotten there.

As time passes, the actions of this presently most powerful mafia on Earth are being exposed before the eyes of the world. Who the bad guys are is not in doubt. With each new day the peoples of the world see ever more clearly what is taking place. The arrogance of the players is compelling them to brag about their activities and their power. It is consistent with the possession of wisdom that at no time will sane men over reach themselves, over rate themselves or over extend themselves. Madness of the sort ensures its own destruction. That evil destroys itself is an observable fact.

Will these fools of the moment awaken to their state? It is not to be expected that they will. Within their minds they do believe that nothing can stand in their way. Those who will suffer the most are the greater number among them who have chosen not to speak out against the psychopathic behavior of their fellows. Even as they are warned and told what awaits, they slander and condemn the truth tellers. They hold forth the bankrupted evidence of imaginary atrocities while the greater and proven evidence of their own atrocities are further exposed with each passing day.

In full view of the world they perform genocide on a defenseless population. They are the new Nazis of the day. The whole world is seeing this. The whole world is drawing the obvious conclusions and not all of the holocaust films and media control can hide or spin the truth as it rises in the minds of the peoples of the world.

Now they are on the verge of seating an even more repressive government than they have possessed until this time. They are drawing it all together in anticipation of the kill. They are going to find that their own murderous hands are, in fact, placed around their own necks.

I wish with all my heart that they would awaken to the reality of their behavior. I seek no revenge. I am no judge or executioner. It would please me entirely if they would step back from the precipice of their own destruction and discover the humanity that lays hidden deep beneath the darkness of their fell intentions. I fear that whether it is prophecy or a mere mathematical working out of inescapable probability that they will not hear. They will march off the cliff as they sing their victory song. They will continue on to Waterloo and Samarra thinking they are Wellington until the very moment they turn into Napoleon.

There is something in life that hides what is real from the minds of those destined to destroy themselves by their own hand. The same power that uncovers and reveals… that lifts the veils, also covers and conceals and lowers the veils. Hubris is added to hubris… corruption is added to corruption until some critical mass is reached. They think they sit in control of everything and come to find that their hands cannot manage the intentions of their darkened minds. It is there in front of us all. It is further exposed by the hour yet it does not seem strange to anyone. What does it mean? I do not know.

Step by step the moment marches to the point of revelation. The truth of it all… the real magnitude of the financial crisis is as yet unknown but the evidence that it is greater than imagined continues to be exposed with each new day. The sums are larger and larger. Hunger widens its presence. Ruin marches with impunity through more and more lives. Revolution stirs at home and abroad. In the meantime, bankers and corporate entities grasp for the possession of more and more resources stolen from the people and continue to extend outrageous bonuses to one another. They cannot see the rage that they are kindling across the world. They do not care. They think themselves immune. They extend the middle finger to the public that they are abusing.

What can we make of this? What can one assume at the theft of the people’s assets and the rapacious industry to steal yet more and more? There seems to be no limit to the pillaging. There seems to be no cautioning voice within. Perhaps they are beyond the mercy of any warning. Now they are only players in one more tragedy upon the world’s stage. They do not have the real script for the performance. They have their own script but they will not be able to deliver it.

We are surely living in interesting times. No one knows the circumstances or extent of what is coming. If ever there were a time for those of us who have retained our sanity and humanity to be prudent and watchful… now is the time.

I am confident and hopeful, beyond what the evidence might give cause for. Hold close to what you hold dear and may that be something more than what those of whom I speak… demonstrably hold as more valuable than their lives and their souls.