Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Martial Law Mystery

"Why Bluff Martial Law?

.... That is the point – the NAU cannot be cemented so long as the United States, as a powerful entity, still retains scope for independence of action, and its peoples, still feeling empowered, and not fully shackled in the state of hopelessness. For no American, no matter how indoctrinated, will willingly agree to give up their beloved America and form a weird union with Mexico and Canada. Good natured and peaceable people in this country really love their nation like no other peoples on earth. For them, both country and nation mean only one thing, America. And they will fight back in normal times. Therefore, their will to fight has to be eliminated first. The independence, of the peoples, and the state, has to be whittled down, baby-steps at a time, towards complete disillusionment....


The sole superpower’s might is being harnessed to usher in the systematic baby-steps to world government by America’s blood-sucking hijackers: the financial oligarchs who have ruled America from behind the scenes for the past hundred years. Indeed, some argue that their brethren across the Atlantic rule all the European democracies, and especially the G-7 nations (Russia mercifully finally escaped from their clutches under Vladimir Putin).

The hand of Rockefeller and other globalist banksters is not only behind the CFR – the private foreign policy planning arm of the United States Government – but also his banks largely dominate the New York Fed. The Federal Reserve System, also simply called the Fed, is the privatized money supply arm of the United States Government, controlled by 12 of the largest private banks in the United States. There is as much federal about the Fed as Fedx.

Thus, note that both United States policy, and United States money, have the same oligarchs controlling them! What a remarkable realization of Rothschild’s statement:

give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”

And what an ominously prescient statement of both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson:

History records that the Money Changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” (Madison)

I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” (Jefferson)

The creation of the Fed was the most brilliant success of the oligarchs in their hijacking of America. They orchestrated the approval for its creation by Congress in 1913 under dubious circumstances at best. In reality, it was an outright subversion of due process. That one single Act of Congress in 1913, enabled the subsequent conquest of America by these bankster oligarchs. G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” details it all most thoroughly. And Professor Carroll Quigley’s book “Tragedy and Hope” describes the rest of America’s hijacking based on his full access to insider documents. The interested reader is directed to these seminal works for more in depth study. Those un-attuned to scholarly readings may find Paul Grignon’s “Money as Debt”, a fast-paced 47-minute animated video tutorial, of invaluable assistance in learning about money and the Fed in less time than watching two episodes of Friends. This remarkable tutorial for all ages, is also available on google but please purchase the dvd to support its incredible creator. And for those still skeptical of CFR’s grooming role in America’s statesmen who subsequently enact its policies, see the confessional 1958 article in Harper magazine for an introduction to CFR written by one of its own members, titled: “School for Statesmen”.

Suffice it to assert here in conclusion of this summary background on the role of common oligarchic threads behind America’s present financial as well as its foreign policy crises which has deliberately orchestrated its spiraling debt, that the behind the scenes control and manipulation of State destinies is not mere theory, philosophy, or false bravados. It is neither mere happenstance, nor vacuous greed for more money, nor blowback. It is the pursuit of the singular common vision already explained in “The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government”....

This Machiavellian rendition of political science as applied to state-craft, was so timelessly captured by G. Edward Griffin four decades ago, that it behooves upon an honest analyst to rehearse it repeatedly in order to remind the dumb-ass spectating world unable to recognize it while all of us sink deeper and deeper into the clutches of its enslavement, that, that’s just the way unchecked power behaves!

Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad, that the abandonment of personal liberties and national sovereignty, will appear as a reasonable price for a return to domestic tranquility and world peace.

… If those who seek world dominion can stimulate [terror threats, 911, new 911], and also provide exhaustive news coverage, so that the entire nation can see and tremble, then the peaceful and freedom loving majority can be programmed to accept a vast expansion of government powers, and even a national police force, offered supposedly to end the violence.

… If those who seek world dominion can raise the spectre of an enemy, [or economic condition], armed to the teeth with superior atomic weapons on the verge of launching a nuclear holocaust [radical Islamists], and also offer world-government as the prevention, then millions of Americans can be programmed to accept the loss of national sovereignty, as our last best hope for peace.” ( Words of G. Edward Griffin circa 1971-72 )

In conclusion, if FDR’s New Deal had worked then, it is not entirely obvious why it should not work again. [1] [2]

It is even less obvious why the courageous members of the United States Congress did not unite along bipartisan lines in the best interest of their beloved nation, to construct a New Deal as their counter group proposal. And instead, willingly chose to show their cowardice before the tyranny of the few. If the tyrants threaten Martial Law – let them follow through, for it would be forcing their hand prematurely towards something they plan on doing anyway. A soufflé before it has risen is worthless!

Thanks for reading. If this essay was useful, please write your Congress person to not fear tyranny – that you are with them. Six feet under, the maggots can’t tell the difference anyway!


[1] After that sentence was written, which was based on the populist understanding of what FDR had supposedly accomplished in the New Deal, through actual research into the facts of the matter however, it has now become blatantly apparent why it would not work again. FDR at the time had capitulated to the banksters – some say he was in fact the banksters own very clever pointman – and changed America’s money which was previously redeemable in gold, into fiat paper money, with the passing of The Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933. All the gold of the American peoples was confiscated, and in effect, handed over to the Federal Reserve System in lieu of an infinite supply of paper money constructed as a national debt. The principal of this national debt was never intended to be ever paid back – it was setup as an infinite inflationary supply source. However, the interest on it was to accrue exponentially – compound-interest – and this interest was payable by the American peoples, the consumers, the corporations, and all economic activity in the United States. In addition, making the US dollar world’s reserve currency at Bretton-Woods by the victor of World War II, made increasing that principal a global impetus from the entire world’s economic activity. Every US Treasury Security held by the oil producing nations courtesy of Henry Kissinger, every dollar held in foreign exchange reserves by the world’s nations, indeed every dollar in circulation, contributed to this principal! Every dollar added to the principal that was beyond the growth of the American nation’s real GDP – based on real production and not financial wizardry – was inflationary. Thus all economic activity due to debt financing, as opposed to balanced budget financing, was by design, made inflationary.

The word “inflationary” means when a dollar purchases less than it did before, or the same thing costs more than it did before. However it’s official measurement also has become a con-game, and therefore, that word here is used to mean the real empirical experience of real wage-earning consumers who are the most susceptible to inflation (and who, incidentally, also pay the bulk of the interest on the national debt through their federal income tax), and not official reportage based on some artificial basket of goods. More the American worker made, more he paid out in taxes and in rising cost of living, so that he and she ended up with less and less in working families with even both parents working! Thus American public took on more and more debt, sometimes to make ends meet, and sometimes to enjoy the good times that were easily handed them on the platter of inextricable debt. And so the monster of debt fed itself. This wasn’t just a side-effect as almost all the economists and politicians would have the ill-informed public believe, but by the very design of the monetary system under the Federal Reserve System.

That was quite a brilliant coup d’état under the guise of solving the problem of the Great Depression by the banksters! The same banksters funded the causes, and all participants, of World War II, just as they precipitated the Great Depression itself. It was a banksters’ World War, and a banksters’ Great Depression! And a banksters’ currency that kept creating more and more debt by design. Their ’small’ calculated baby-step to create world government led to more millions dead and disillusioned than all wars of all history added together. Just as it is re-playing out the same game today, but much closer to endgame. Since the year 1933 was only the beginning of the paper money scam – this incarnation of the central bankers’ perpetual scam since time immemorial, actually began in 1910 at Jekyll Island, and got cemented with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913 – the cumulative national debt then was low, the interest payments were low, and the Frankenstein was just a cute baby boy. Therefore, President Roosevelt could trivially embark on his debt-financed spending spree which became known as the New Deal. See the debt-chart from 1900 to 2006 in the book by Van K Tharp here, and current national debt numbers proudly reported by the U.S. Treasury here. Today, such a spending spree is not possible in the existing monetary system because the Frankenstein of debt has now matured into an ugly monster about to devour its feeders. And yet, such a spending spree is still generously being granted to the banksters to the tune of $7.7 Trillion for bailout, as reported by Bloomberg on November 24, 2008! The New York Times further broke this number down in its report of November 25, 2008 – loans $1.7 trillion, Investments $3.0 trillion, Guarantees $3.1 trillion – noting “they would print as much money as needed to revive the nation’s crippled banking system … some investments may prove profitable … The Treasury secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., made it clear that the new lending facility was just a “starting point” and could be expanded to many other kinds of debt,”

To appreciate how the sheep are craftily being primed for the slaughter, see George J. W. Goodman’s essay ‘The German Hyperinflation, 1923‘ for historical context. Apart from the astronomical unpayable debt deliberately being run up, the hyper-inflationary direction where the Treasury secretary is steering the nation and the world with this ’solution’ to the manufactured financial crisis, is in plain sight. This was a brilliantly orchestrated design, because the cure for this now fully grown grotesque Frankenstein – in order that it not devour its own creators – is being presented as a common global monetary system run by private central banks, owned by the very same banksters! And by making the dollar worthless – when a wheelbarrow full of dollars will barely purchase a loaf of bread – the ‘United We Stand’ from ’sea to shinning sea’ patriotic masses will willingly accept a new currency, a new union, a new world order! A crafty and audacious planning of a hundred years expertly being brought to fruition! Please see the Monetary Reform Bibliography, and Monetary Conspiracy for World Government. The unfortunate populist version of FDR’s New Deal is deeply entrenched in American society – like all its other indoctrinations – and it is even more exacerbated by polished disinformation documentaries like “1932” (see LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles? ). And the whole shebang of the Federal Reserve System is very cleverly camouflaged, and confounded, by its learned exponents and detractors alike (see Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat? and also Chapter 6 of Ron Paul’s book: Revolution; caveat lector on Ron Paul here!).

[2] Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute similarly explains why any traditional New Deal would also not work again:

We are going to go into a depression worse than the Great Depression, and here is why. There is a way to get out of this but not through fiscal or monetary stimulus. If we have an alternative energy break-through, beyond solar ….. that’s as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel then we get out of this economic mess. Minus that, we are going to go into the greatest depression, and here is why:

1. Back when we had the last depression, most people didn’t own homes, they didn’t have all this burden that’re carrying now, with taxes and everything else, insurance.

2. Back then, people didn’t have home equity loans. Matter of fact, you know we are probably both old enough to know when people had something called second mortgages, they were called losers.

3. Back then, people didn’t have credit cards. They weren’t over 14 trillion dollars in debt.

4. Back then, the government had a trade surplus. We were not 700 billion dollars in the hole. And the people were self-sufficient.

5. Back then, the government was not spending 11.5 trillion in growing in the hole with a budget deficit.

6. Back then, we had budget surpluses.

7. Back then, we weren’t costing us over 2 trillion dollars to fight wars.

8. Back then, we had a manufacturing base, that when the depression did end with the onset of WW II, we were able to manufacture ourselves out of it, and then later on the rest of the world.

9. Back then, people didn’t have 401Ks and IRAs that were their future, evaporating right before them.

And the other thing people need to know was during the Depression, you could do some of these work-project things that they talk about. We didn’t have these deficits that we have now. So to keep talking about stimulus packages, to keep talking about work-project packages, where is this money going to come from? And again, as every historian or economist knows, the only thing that got us out of that Depression, was WW II.” ( Gerald Celente, Trends Research, November 17, 2008, Alex Jones Show )