Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Neighbor and the Cop: Two Recent Conversations

"The Neighbor and the Cop

Two recent conversations show me how widespread the rage is at the elite who have driven our country into a ditch.

The Cop

Last night, I spoke with a cop at my local burrito place. He was furious at the bankers and the politicians who have gotten us into this financial mess, and was hungry for knowledge as to how we got here.

He had no problem showing his anger at the powers-that-be for shelling out trillions for the bankers and the other big boys, and said "when are we going to get our bailout?!"

When we talked about budget cuts, he explained that his local police force had less officers than they should have. But he was really talking to me man-to-man, telling me of his rage for his and his family's situation.

Rather than being a defender of the powers-that-be, the cop seemed like he would have been willing to join in a protest against them.

The Neighbor

My neighbor is extremely pro-business, pro-corporation and anti-labor. She worked for many years for giant corporations, and has largely adopted their mindset. So I would have assumed that she would try to defend the big banks.

However, she is furious at the banks and bankers for their looting and manipulation. She is pissed that the bailouts are going to the big banks, and that the government is just making things worse for the economy.

She sounds more like a populist than an advocate for big business.

The Bottom Line

These two stories illustrate the fact that people from all walks of life, all professions, and all backgrounds are mad-as-hell at what's going on.

Leading trend forecaster Gerald Calente says that Americans are so mad that they will launch another American revolution, starting with revolts against property and school taxes.