Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Really Happening on Global Warming

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"US energy chief floats idea of a carbon emissions tax US Energy Secretary Steven Chu has floated the idea of a carbon emissions tax to fight global warming, in an interview with The New York Times Thursday.


I warned you; this human-caused global warming crap is nothing but a scam by a corrupted and bankrupt government to take more money from you.

Just ask yourself how you paying a new tax in any way affects the environment? It's not like we go out burning rain forests down on the weekend for laughs. In the current economy we are already living as cheaply as we can, driving only when we need to, buying only the essentials, to the point where American businesses are complaining that we are not spending ENOUGH! So, how will taking more money from us change our behavior, other than to force us all to pay even more for the same products?

More to the point, we know from Europe's experiment with a carbon tax that while the trading of credits made some individuals very rich, and the tax as a whole moved more money from the citizens to the government, there was no discernible reduction in Carbon Dioxide.

And, of course, a carbon tax has no effect of sulfur dioxide pouring out of volcanoes, methane bubbling up from the deep ocean depths, or the worst greenhouse gas of all, water vapor!

Do we really want the government managing the environment? These are the same people that wrecked the economy, lied us into two wars, and launched Challenger even when the engineers who built the thing said not to.

Take a lesson from Yellowstone in 1988 or Australia today. It was environmentalists, not evil corporate officers, that opposed the use of controlled burns to keep the dried overburden under control. With the very best of motives, these self-declared experts set the stage for a hideous runaway conflagration. Down in Australia, again with the best of motives, the environmentalists blocked controlled burns and worse, allowed the fire breaks to fill in to return them to their "natural state."

Well, they succeeded. because fire is part of nature (seeds of the Redwood tree cannot germinate without a fire), and no doubt this fire has put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere then all the cars in Australia for the whole year!

Look at the ethanol debacle. It sounded like a good idea, growing the fuel for our cars, and letting the plants take as much carbon out of the air as burning the ethanol put back in. But ethanol is not carbon neutral. When you include the emissions from the process converting the plant material to ethanol you wind up with more carbon in the atmosphere. Then there is the fact that ethanol contains far less energy than gasoline, so you have to buy and burn more of it to travel the same distance. Germany finally banned ethanol when it was discovered that ethanol was destroying the gaskets and seals of auto fuel systems, which were designed to work with gasoline, not alcohols. And finally, the land with which to grow the ethanol crops didn't appear out of thin air, which triggered a food shortage.

Most environmentalism is more pop-culture than real science. They have a few jingos which sound good on a TV set, but have not been thought all the way through.

This is politics. This is advertising. This is taxes. This is almost a religion. But it is not science."

-- Wake the Flock Up

And he even left out the FACT that the planet is in a COOLING PHASE!

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