Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Never Ending Century-Old War


Blood thirsty zionists can’t defeat Hamas : Justice, Truth & History are with Palestinians

Blood thirsty zionists are ruthlessly carrying on their 100-year-old war against the poor, innocent Palestinians as this is written (Jan.16, 2009) with over 1,055 killed and thousands wounded but the “civilised” Western world and its spineless United Nations are simply blinking without doing anything.

Even Barack Obama, already a prisoner in the jail of zionists and the American Christian right, is silent on this world’s gravest problem and despite world-wide protests against aggression. A grave humanitarian crisis.

The brave Hamas, however, is not bending and we can confidently predict that Hamas and the Palestinians cannot be silenced, cannot be defeated.

Israel is a powerful nuclear-armed country with awful military power. And yet when it could not defeat a puny, pauper Palestine even after a 100 year-war, can it do it in just 20 days? What a shame?


Remember: Dalit Voice has never gone wrong in its 28-year-long history because we always base our findings on Justice, Truth and the facts of history all of which are on the side of the Palestinians to whom Palestine belongs. Our claim can be verified on the DV references cited at the end. The zionist claim on Palestine is not based on available facts of history. The Jewish scriptures may say that “god created Israel”. Which god? There are any number of Truth-seeking, good-hearted Jews who do not agree with this god. Did not the outgoing criminal, George W. Bush, rightly booted at Baghdad (DV Jan.1, 2009 p.5: “DV salutes brave Bush beater”), say that god himself asked him to launch the Iraq war? What happened to this god? Why this god did not save him from being declared America’s worst criminal President?


So, the zionist claim that god created Israel is downright humbug. Their own Jews and all other god-believing humanists have dismissed this claim.

Israel may exist. Yes. By all means. But that does not mean the zionist claim on Palestine is a legitimate one. History does not admit it.

In 1909 the mostly Russian socialist idealists of the zionist movement set up an armed group, Hashomer, to protect their new farms and villages in Palestine from Arab marauders. Since then has come the dismal march of wars — 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006 and now 2009 — each seared by blood and fire into the conflicting myths and memories of the two sides.

(The Economist, Jan.10, 2009)

Even if we accept the zionist claim that 6 million Jews had been exterminated by German Nazis during the World War-II (what they call “holocaust”), why should the Jews now run after the Muslims? It was not the Arab Muslims who slaughtered the 6 million Jews. It was the European (German) Christians. Why should the Jews now punish the Muslims for the crimes committed by somebody else?

The zionist charge against Hamas is that it does not recognise Israel’s right to exist. Hamas is right because Israel is not a legitimate state and hence it does not have the right to exist. Till P.V. Narasimha Rao became PM, even India did not recognise Israel.


Zionism took birth in 1897. Eastern Europe, mainly Russia, was the heart of Jews, one of the most hated people in the world, so effectively portrayed by Shakespere in his characterisation of Shylock, the blood-sucker Jew.

Theodore Harzel of Hungary was the founding father of zionism. But there are any number of Jews who do not contribute to zionism. Take the case of Karl Marx, Einstein etc.

The so-called “historical connection” of Jews with Palestine has no proof in history. When history has no proof, what gives the Jews the “historic title” to Palestine? This question is the crux of the world’s longest lasting dispute which is continuing even to this day.


Historians say Jews occupied Palestine only for a very short period. Palestine was occupied by many foreign powers of which Jews were one. David no doubt established the Jewish state in Palestine. But the Jewish kingdom was destroyed by Assiriyans.

From 587 BC to 1948 AD — for over 25 centuries — there was no Jewish rule in Palestine. Their so-called “historical connections” to Palestine is a historical bluff. Just because they repeat their lie a million times through the media they own and the books they publish they think they can change history. No.

That doesn’t mean there was no Jewish presence in Palestine. Jesus was a Jew but he established the holy land of Christendom in Jerusalem. Not the kingdom of Jews.

These historical facts reveal that “the life span of one united Jewish nation of David and Solomon was not more than 75 years” (Zionism, The Real Enemy of Jews, Part I - 2005, Alan Hart, p.29).

Therefore, Palestine is not the original home of Jews. This is what history says.


On the other hand Arabs were the single largest population of Palestine.

The zionists are experts in manufacturing lies and selling it as sacred truth, because they own the entire Western media and control the political power to convert lies into truth.

It was the British Govt., controlled by the Jews, in 1917 that played the mischief in handing over Palestine, then under the British rule, to the zionists. On the date Palestine was handed over to zionists, it formed part of Turkey. Hence the British action itself was void. But who can question Britain, then the world’s sole super power?


So it was the British Govt. that played the mischief and caused the second Holocaust under which millions of Muslims were slaughtered. It was the Christian British Govt. under zionist influence, that stabbed the Arabs in the back. This is history. This mischief continued even till Tony Blair, the skunk, the disgraced last British PM, the poodle of the equally hated George W. Bush.

Hence Israel is a rogue state without any legitimacy, surviving solely with the support of the American Govt. which is controlled by the Christian Right and American Jews. It is against this twin enemies within the US the American voters revolted and threw up Barack Obama to challenge these evil forces. Why is Obama sitting silent?

Zionism has awful power. This was demonstrated to the world when it destroyed the League of Nations, the predecessor of the UN, and then bent the United Nations itself. The UN like the USA is in the pocket of the zionists.


We don’t want to go into the too much exaggerated accounts of the “holocaust” but historians have cited zionist clandestine support to Hitler, the principal perpetrator of the Nazi “holocaust”.

Historians also say that compared to the nazi horror against German Jews (6 millions killed) the unending slaughter of Palestinians by the Jews makes the Holocaust simply pale into oblivion.


They say the Jews are a “nation”. But how can Jews brought in from 102 countries and speak 81 languages become a nation? The Black Jews (Falasha) who came from Ethiopia are working as slaves even today inside Israel. The Indian Jews who migrated to Israel have no voice. It is only the micro-minority Ashkenazi White Jews who control and rule Israel.

Can there be a bigger lie in the history of the world? It is deceiving not only the world but deceiving its own “chosen people”.

The zionists say that the Jews are a “chosen people”. India’s micro-minority (2%) Brahmins — the “Jews of India” also say they are the Bhoodevatas, gods on earth. Both are blood brothers — a theory upheld by a Chitpavan Brahmin scientist in America in his research work Chitpavanism (DV Dec.16, 2004 p.8: “Jewish origin of Brahmins: Expert confirms DV theory”) and also endorsed by Alan Hart, a White British Christian and a noted historian and authority on zionism.


If the poor, persecuted Palestinians today are surviving, though demoralised and deceived by the oil-rich Arab rulers (not the masses) and the Western world leaders, it is solely because Justice and Truth plus history are behind these tortured souls.

Israel can boast that it can make and also break anybody and anything in the world. Yes. This is true. It has proved it. How many American Presidents it killed, humbled. The current ominous silence of Obama is also because of the fear of zionists. It may go on boasting about its legendary power but while saying so it is having blood in its hands. That is why Obama is shivering in his shoes. How many American Presidents it purchased, gagged, felled and killed. The latest was President Kennedy.

Even the famous 9/11 that shook the world was a Mossad-manufactured cock and bull story to force America to launch a war on Muslims as part of its “clash of civilisations” – that facilitated the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq.

Not only that. The current financial crisis in which the world is reeling is also a zionist creation. We had said this also.

We do admit there are very many honest Jews — even inside Israel. But they have no voice. Gut Jews only are controlling Israel and the Western world.

But what is the “greatness” of the gut Jews? They are great not for establishing Justice, Truth and Peace but for killing, murder, intrigues, destruction. Destruction is the easiest thing to do. Sitting on a mountain of lies —converted into “facts” through its vast, powerful, monopoly media—it is fooling everybody in the world.

But it is a tragedy that India’s ruling Brahminical people (2%) have also joined this gang of thieves — delinking India from our traditional, honest friends in Asia.


According to Alan Hart, zionism is the godfather of Islamic fundamentalism which graduated into Islamic terrorism. Hamas was founded in Gaza (1988) by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, a paralysed, wheel-chair-bound religious leader, who was killed by Israel.

A zionist fanatic killed its own Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to frustrate the Oslo peace process between Israel and Palestine. Nathuram Godse, a Brahmin fundamentalist, killed M.K. Gandhi, “Father of the nation” in India.

“Islamic terrorism” is created by the much bigger and more dangerous zionist terrorism.


Historians agree that the Palestinians are the victims of a massive injustice which the Western world leaders, the United Nations and the media refused to recognise — not to speak of ending it.

The only alternative for a suffocated community is to draw the attention of the world and also retaliate through self-sacrifice. Such a self-sacrifice is called suicide bombing — which the world describes as terrorism without going into its root cause.

This applies to India also. “Islamic terrorism” and the Maoist violence are violent reactions of the oppressed Bahujan havenots crushed by the Brahminical ruling upper castes.

Israel today says it has no security and blames the “terrorists” of Hamas. If the zionists want security they have to first make peace with Palestinians whose land they have stolen through fraud and force. Then only they can get security.

Israel can never, ever get security before ending its illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

Will Barack Obama, the Black American with a Muslim father — whose ancestors were victims of both White racism and zionist terrorism — learn at least this Supreme Truth?

How long the Jews in the West and “Jews of India” in the East will take to understand this Supreme Truth? Might is on the side of zionists. Yes. We know it. But the Right is with the Palestinians. Not only Right but History too. Zionism has disturbed and brought misery to not only the Middle East but the whole world.

Our fear is the whole world will one day turn against the zionists.

The zionists have made a big capital out of advertising “holocaust”. But the verdict of history will be that the zionist Holocaust in Palestine, unparalleled for its ferocity, is nothing before Hitler’s much exaggerated Holocaust. (Jan.16, 2009)


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