Thursday, February 12, 2009

AmeriKa's Jewsmedia

"All Jew News, All Jew Views — All The Time

You know, when I sit down here and decide to pound out a blog posting, I always start thinking about what kind of image I’ll end up using to illustrate what I’m trying to say. I think it’s important since it gets people’s attention and makes them want to read the copy. It’s the copy and what I want to say, that’s really important. Or so I tell myself.

The photo artwork is only a kind of compilation of what the article says. There is that old saying of the Chinese about a picture being worth a thousands words — which I think is true. Sometimes I want to use (with good reason) a picture of a thermonuclear mushroom cloud, but try not to. Why? Because it’s a bit hyped-up and paranoid to do so. Yet the reality is that it’s these people who are really over-doing the paranoia bit on your White butt.

So I’m watching this show called Glenn Beck on FOX Jew news yesterday, and this image comes up in spades. Now, Glenn Beck is just another good old boy cable news personality, basically just an entertainer. You can tell because these people talk more than the guests they bring on (Bill O’Reilly especially). The guests are really there just to sell a book, while the personality is really there just to be personable.

Anyway, Glenn Beck had this Jew guy on named Joel Rosenberg (above left). Rosenberg is some kind of Neocon who apparently loves jerking the chains of the Dispensationalist Evangelicals with all the “End Times” business, writing both fiction and non-fiction (supposedly). So now he’s on Beck’s show pushing all the Iran paranoia biz so he can sell copies of his new book “Epicenter” to the concerned Goyim.

Beck and Rosenberg both turn into little Dr. Strangeloves over the Iranian threat — all the Mad Mullahs and nuclear bomb stuff — going off about Iran launching a satellite into orbit and all the crazy leaders. But Beck doesn’t forget to say that most of Iranians are still good people, just to keep it all PC palatable for the indoctrinated Diversity masses. How considerate — too bad none of that makes one whit of difference to the real powers that be.


The History Channel has been on a tear lately with “End of the World” programming for some odd reason — from the usual Nostradamus crap to Aztec 2012 prophecies to the Bible code. What’s up with that? Oh yeah, sometimes they do have shows on the evil Hitler and Chupachapras.

Basically, all this Dispensationalist “End Times” stuff is a take-off from the Revelation part of the New Testament, where this hermit guy named John, who lived in a cave on the island of Patmos, scribed away some wacked-out parchments about the hated Roman emperor Nero. It’s full of breaking of the seals or jars or something in the heavenly abode, the Whore of Babylon (I love that one) and horses of the Apocalypse riding through the fires of hell — all right at your face, the viewer of tonight’s History Channel show.

Jews, like this foul Rosenberg creep, have glommed onto all this Dispensationalism crap, not only to make shekels off books, but also to feed the Israel-supporting American putzes who hope that all the end time catastrophes will usher in Jesus, who will then put a stop to all the sleaze out of Hollywood (Jews always work both sides to the equation).

But the religious Jews believe it will be a Jewish Messiah showing up to the really big show and who’s name could be anything, so far. Even Mikey, I guess.

So, Rosenberg is talking about the Mad Iranian Mullahs believing in a Messiah, something called the 12th Iman, whom they believe is due to make his appearance and will destroy the Great Satan (us) and the little Satan, Israel (his bros). This is all truly nightmarish since they are on the verge of getting the Bomb and looky-here America, they just launched a missile into outer space, so they can now come drop the Big One on us!

All the while watching this, I’m thinking to myself, hell, everything this Rosenberg Jew is blathering about is exactly, not a little, what many crazy Jews themselves think and can really do now. And what’s worse is that some of them believe their Jew Messiah (Moshiach in Hebrew) will either wipe out or enslave all the Gentiles — not just those pesky Iranians, but even all those dam fool Christian Evangelicals back here giving them money!

The Chabad-Lubavitchers (also called Chabad Hassids) think that once the Great Rabbi of the Sanhedrin appears, he’ll magically increase the borders of Israel to include the entire globe. What this really means is, of course, you’ll be under their yoke and a slave to them, or be one dead Goyim.

These Lubavitchers are everywhere (70 nations — exactly what they think is needed for the big takeover) and have a multi-million dollar operating budget. This is not some poor minor sect at all. The Mossad is said to use them for safe houses all over the world, for the usual kinds of Zionist shenanigans. Remember the terrorist business in Mumbai, India? That Jewish Center, where the husband and wife where killed, was a Chabadist house. Many suspect, with good reason, that they were really sacrificed for a Mossad false-flag operation. They’ve done it before.

All these Orthodox Jews are big time right-wingers or Likudniks who love Bibi Netanyahu, now in a tight race for PM with the Kadima party’s hard-liner woman and daughter of Irgun terrorists, Tzipi Livni (the elections were just today). They love to chant “Netanyahu is good for the Jews.” And let’s not forget what Netanyahu once said was so good after witnessing all the death and destruction of 9/11; when he just happened to be in New York that day (curiously, he was also in London during the subway bombings of 7/7):

”It’s very good,” he said, then quickly added “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel).”

But you’ll never, ever see one dam thing about any of this Jewish religious craziness in the US media, though. That, my friends, is the power of Jewry. They can go off all day to us about the dangers of mad Muslims and all their efforts at making a nuke, but not breath a word about themselves doing and thinking exactly the same mad things.

Ask yourself these questions: Why do they absolutely never mention the Jew’s Talmud whenever the History Channel does a program on religion? Or discuss the Federal Reserve’s beginnings? Why do we never see the History Channel doing something on Israel secretly building the nuke? For that matter, why do we absolutely never hear one word about Israel’s nuclear capability on the mainstream news? Most Americans don’t even know that Israel has 200 to 400 nukes, ballistic missiles, US Stealth bombers and even German-made submarines.


You should check out the story of Mordecai Vunanu (above), the brave Israeli (called a “self-hating” Jew), who converted to Christianity and brought to the West concrete evidence of the extant of Israel’s nuclear program. The Mossad then literally kidnapped him from a sovereign country (Italy) and threw him in jail for 18 years. When they finally released him, he wanted to leave the country (wouldn’t you?), so they threw him back in jail to keep him from becoming a symbol. He’s still there, last I heard.

This is one guy who really should win the Nobel prize, but you’ll never see that one happen. Wonder why? Check out this quote from Vunanu when he temporarily had his freedom and the situation in America with the US media:

Israel is only a democracy if you are a Jew… Thanks to Jesus Christ I survived…This US media who are here in Jerusalem are afraid of Israel. Because I am under orders and they don’t want trouble, they cooperate with Israel. A good example is the US media who talk about freedom of knowledge, freedom of information like CNN, ABC, 60 Minutes. In this case they are all silent and cooperate with Israel; they fear the Israel lobby and the Israeli authority here. My view is the US Media is totally under the Israeli control. Very sad, very bad that US Media is not free. The Zionist lobby in Washington decides what people in the US should know and hear about. Not just the West Bank is under occupation, but the US Media is under Israeli occupation too.” Read more here

Just the barest time researching this on the Internet will show you all this about Israel. But that’s not the issue. Get it straight in your head: Why do we not hear about things like this on the telly? Should that not well-prove to you the power and will of these people to keep you in the dark in the US? Note the operative verb there — the “will” to keep you in the dark over what they don’t want you to think or know!

The Iranians are not a threat to the US of A. We can melt them into a sheet of glass within 30 minutes should we want. They know this, we know this. The Iranians are simply fighting against the Jew’s hegemonistic designs in the region and genocides of fellow Muslims, the Palestinians. The Jews cannot have the Iranians become a power in the region because of what they want to eventually do with the Palestinians and their “Greater Israel” designs on Iraq and Syria. Already, Kurdish Jews are moving into areas of Iraq and forcibly displacing the Chaldean Christians, who lived there for eons.

And there is plenty of reasons to think the Iranians want peace. Even Ahmadinejad. Hell, the Jews often lie when it comes to this guy (he’s the new Hitler of the world and it’s 1939 all over again!). The Jews at 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace did a interview with him and carefully edited the piece to make him look evil to the American public. That’s the kind of Jew-job propaganda tactics they employ on your head!


Jew propagandists (mistakenly called journalists) are all over the airwaves and in print, too. Not only in America, but Britain (bottom left), Canada or any White country really. White Americans have little idea of the pervasiveness of their viewpoints and how vigorously they work to protect Jewry’s image, no matter what they do.

All Jews wants you to believe that they are the “good guys,” unmercifully attacked simply because they are always “eternally victimized.” They are the masters at this schtick on the stupefied, sleeping White populations of the West. It’s like this: You accept their view of things, but if you dare to say anything about it, then it’s you who are the terrorist supporter, anti-Semite, Hater, or NeoNazi, blah-blah, blah-blah.

Glenn Beck is just another Goyim media personality who knows what he can and can’t talk about. All of the talking heads on the air are like this, on both sides of the political equation — MSNBC, CNN, FOX. That’s right. Have you ever noticed how people define themselves on what news channel they watch on TV? You can be a Kieth Oberman guy (tough guy liberal) or a Bill O’Reilly fan (tough guy conservative) or in the middle, like the friendly Charles Gibson of ABC.

All of them are really Jew tools when you get right down to it. They would be gone in a Jew York minute should they dare mention “the Jews” or any inconvenient fact about the sacred State of Israel. You can see how they tiptoe around it with all the careful wordage used in any story involving Jews or Israel. Most of the time they take the easy way out and just ignore it entirely. That’s how it works, people.

Let’s look at a little thing that happened last night on Obama’s first press conference. These kind of things are carefully staged, the reporters with questions specifically selected and seated; they won’t take questions from just any journalist and if you present problems about the whole deal, then you’ll never get another chance — which could easily end your entire career.

An ancient fixture in all this, Helen C. Thomas (right), asked a question about the ”so-called terrorists” in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She ended by asking him directly “do you know what countries in the Mideast have nuclear weapons?” Simple question, really.

Obama went on and on about Pakistan, etc. but deftly skipped on by the question on exactly what country in the Mideast has the nuke, saying he wasn’t going to speculate and how he didn’t want to see things “proliferate.” Then he quickly he went on to another reporter just as Helen Thomas vainly tried to ask the question again: “the question was on what countries have them!’ Which Obama completely ignored.

After the show, Bill O’Reilly had the Neocon Bernie Goldberg on to dissect the press conference and wax Jewish on Obama’s performance. Both of them had a big laugh about Thomas as being too old and out of it; saying Thomas should have quit her job back in the days of Lincoln (the first one). And, of course, they ignored her very sharp and important question about nukes in the Mideast. Funny, huh?

Dick Morris and Eri Fleischer also joined Bernie on Bill O’Reilly’s little show to dissect Obama’s hot air. Guess what? All of them are dam Jews. Hell, Ari Fleischer is a ordained rabbi in the Chabad Lubavitcher Orthodox Jew group I talked about earlier; the ones who are real-life religious crazies and are every bit as bad as the mad Muslim fundamentalists. Every G-Dam bit.


All Jews, all the time: 1) Bernie Goldberg, Bill O’Reilly’s guest “pragmatic, conservative” Jew mouth and book-pusher (all of them write Iran paranoia books, even the liberal ones). 2) Goldberg with CNN’s Old Jew, Larry King, who recently gushed about his kid wishing he was born Black. 3) Dick Morris, a “crypto-Jew” who now, supposedly, is not Jewish (because he married a Shiksa) and 4) Ari Fleischer, former Bush spokes-liar and now a Chabadist-Lubavicher Rabbi. Fleischer doesn’t wear the usual Chabadist attire nor grow his beard out, like the bunch (5) chumming it up with former Bush White House Chief of Staff, JoshUA Bolten (yep, another Jew). Fleischer must’ve had special dispensation so he can look Goyish on FOX Jew News.

It’s all Jews and how they view the issues. It’s their perspective and if you dare to see it any other way and have the temerity to speak openly, then out comes all the “Nazi” business. Not only with all us out here in sheep land, but also with the real White news people, too (or the rapidly increasing number of on-air Negro talking heads).

It’s all a sham folks. All of this is a set-up to keep YOU from seeing THEM. Why? Well, if you cannot talk about the almighty Jews and what they do and want to do in the world, then that’s what it is. All a distraction to keep you from asking the real questions. Questions they don’t want you asking or even thinking.

And it’s not only TV, people. These Jews are all over the media — top to bottom — writing stories and editorials in newspapers from the New York Times to your local rag. Magazines too: Newsweek, Time magazine and any of the political “organs” (weird Commie term). They might write about conservative or liberal topics, but pretty much every one of them protects Jewry and toes the Israeli, Zionist line.

Now, I’m certain that some of you who come here are yelling “he’s a conspiracy nut!” and all that. If you read so far, then I want to thank you for at least that. But the majority of people who jump to this conclusion will not bother to hear me out any further — they want to live in the false world created for them by the Jew-controlled media. The very same media that stays silent about real things that makes this world much worse and possibly very dangerous to all of us in the near future.

It’s dangerous because of what some of these people propose to do. The Iranians learned from the Jew’s out-of-the-blue attack on the Osirik reactor that Saddam Hussein built in Iraq, so they buried everything underground, as well as spreading things out. To fully put a stop to it, they’ll need to use tactical nuclear weapons. Anything less, will only be damaging and just serve to piss off the entire Muslim world and maybe even Russia and China.

Look, we don’t want these kind of bald-faced liars telling us the news, always giving us the Jew perspective and leaving all kinds of stuff out. We don’t want them hypocritically manipulating the religious thinking of people in the US, people that are already messed around with by the elite Jew liberals in the media. One would hope you can see all this and be willing to speak out about it to everyone you know.

Hell, maybe I will put in that nuclear bomb image after-all.