Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Difference Between Blacks and Jews

"Corrupt Jewish Social Networking Rules!

What to Do About It

by Joachim Martillo

If the appointees of the Obama administration were as African American as they are Jewish (really ethnic Ashkenazi), the media, pundits, and political leaders would be screeching even though African Americans are a far larger percentage of the population and do not harbor the dual loyalties, which are typical of American Jews.

Here is a recent entry on the Mondoweiss blog.

Why is Hillary's right hand at State investing $50-100,000 in Israel bonds?

Mazin Qumsiyeh writes in an email:

Associated Press Story: "The two men selected to serve as Hillary Clinton's deputy secretaries of state, Jacob Lew and James Steinberg, also filed financial disclosure forms. Lew, a former Clinton administration official who recently headed Citigroup's Alternative Investments unit, reported 2008 salary income of just over $1 million along with numerous investments, including between $50,000 and $100,000 in State of Israel bonds."....
Please write to the White House and news sources if you agree that there is a conflict of Interest in these appointments.

Also, note that both Hillary's deputies are Jewish, per Wikipedia. Shouldn't State have a little diversity in with the diversity?

Because Jewish involvement in financial corruption, other crimes, and general incompetence is disproportionate and because Jews have a long history of extremist racism both in E. Europe and also in the Middle East, Jewish representation in the US government even at a level comparable to the size of the American Jewish population is a matter for concern while the outrageously disproportionate representation of American Jews provides evidence that the USA is a dependent and intimidated client state of the Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland or Judonia.

The absense of serious media discussion is further evidence of the power of corrupt Jewish social networking in the media and the control exerted by Jewish Zionist facilitators and gatekeepers throughout the news industry.

Jewish corruption and incompetence are inextricably linked. Why should Jews in senior positions try to act honestly or competently when they are not held accountable and when they can cheat?

Today US politics is dominated by Jewish Zionist mendacity and duplicity.

Is it surprising that Zionist intelligentsia working in concert with Zionist political economic oligarchs have been so successful in the utter misrepresentation of the history of the conflict between fanatic racist E. European invaders and the native Palestinian population?

These three blog entries below identify the three primary lies of Zionism:

  1. ancestral Ashkenazi connection to Palestine: Every Israel Advocate a Madoff,
  2. Palestinian rejection of negotiations in 47-8: Second Great Zionist Fraud, and
  3. ethnic Ashkenazi longing for Palestine: Third Fraud: Longing for Zion.

Under false pretenses Jewish Zionists have manipulated the USA into an alliance with fanatic and deceitful E. European invaders, interlopers and thieves. Then American Zionist oligarchs and intelligentsia proceeded to create a vast and effectively neocolonial imperialist system to transfer trillions of dollars of dollars from the USA (and -- to a lesser extent -- other countries) into their own pockets to the point of ruination for the US and world economy.

Manipulating people to part with money under false pretenses is fraud.

When there is fraud, the remedy (besides putting the fraudsters in jail) is clawback.

Instead of putting Jewish Zionists in positions of governmental power and printing trillions of dollars as a fake stimulus that will haunt the US economy for a generation at least, the Obama administration should simply identify the State of Israel as a terrorist state by virtue of the evidence of the IDF's Gaza rampage and begin wholesale arrest of Zionists along with asset seizures for aiding and abetting terrorism (as well as for conspiracy against rights and seditious conspiracy).

Because the "GDP" associated with the top one thousand Zionist oligarchs alone amounts to between $2-3 trillion, a financially responsible division, dismantlement and receivership for the holdings of Zionist imperial system would provide the $4-6 trillion necessary to restore the US and world economy to a sane state. New hires to replace imprisoned Zionists will cut unemployment.

The USA could probably heal the breach between the West and the Islamic world through an extraordinary rendition to Iran of the architects of the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration to Iran where they could stand trial after interrogation.

[It is hard to believe that Americans really want to pay pensions and benefits to those evil murderous genocidal clowns while Iranian questioning could provide important information on the reach of the Zionist conspiracy throughout the world.]

Then the West could embark in concert with the Arab and Muslim world on a program of Marshall-Plan-like economic development that would create economic growth and new markets that would bring peace and plenty to the human race.