Friday, February 13, 2009

The Best Community Bank

Shove this in America's face and they will be ready to lynch the Jewish bankers. You guys are so damn greedy you can't see two feet in front of your noses and ease up, huh?

One can only imagine the reaction if they knew about "
Al-CIA-Duh," the Prop news media and the dead guy.

"Muslim investors profit by adhering to faith

Matthai Kuruvila, Chronicle Religion Writer

February 9, 2009

As credit markets have imploded, triggering a global economic crisis, Islamically correct investors have seen a change of fortune: The conservative principles this small group of devout Muslims clung to during the economic heyday has insulated them from the worst of the past year's suffering.

Their renunciation of the interest-based economy kept them away from investments in financial services companies, whose stocks have collapsed, and out of traditional mortgages.

"There was a time two or three years ago that Islamic finance was considered simply too conservative," said Professor Ibrahim Warde, author of "Islamic Finance in the Global Economy" and an adjunct professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. "Right now, many people are recognizing that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing."

Looks like I was ahead of that curve, 'eh?

See: The World's Best Banking System

.... Bay Area residents who bought homes through an Islamically compliant lender in San Jose, the Ameen Housing Cooperative, don't have to worry whether their lender will work with them if they lose their jobs. Islamic lenders are required to work in good faith with distressed borrowers to figure out ways to make payments manageable - and co-op leaders say they will....


"This is what Israel most fears; that the world will realize there is a better way to run a national economy than the current debt-based compound interest system that is designed to impoverish the masses to enrich the few" -- Wake the Flock Up