Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reflections on a Criminal Ruling Class

"Reflections on a criminal ruling class

by Divining the News (DTN)

How much of our ruling class is - criminal class?

Readers of this blog might agree that they are indistinguishable.

In our capitalist society it probably couldn’t be any other way. Intelligence agencies seem to have a license to operate above the law. And most members of society seem available for a loyalty to a criminal adventure.

The great unsaid, the great unspoken. A true Muslim probably cannot be corrupted. And we often find their leaders believable, not saying likable but believable.

Nasrallah, Taliban, etc. Is this what our wars are about? Insisting on criminality. The Palestinian authority is often depicted as corrupt or criminal, not so Hamas.

So we are insisting on only working with a criminal class.

Regarding our leaders (not always the politician frontmen) there are all different varieties of criminal activity. Violence although used - is generally avoided. And we are left to consider which criminal sway is more moral than another.

And the years and generations go by. An order of a few controlling the many. Now there are the ongoing wars on Muslims. Few of us would have considered Islam. But as time goes by …….

And there seems an enticement to criminal activity. To prove one’s initiation. To prove that it is true that we are all weak. To abet in the cause and to have the illusion of being different, chosen (ie. above) the great mass of robotic unaware people.

When in fact it is just another form of roboticness. A one way street. Although secrets are gained and penetrated, the awareness of life and all its facets is further reduced.

Are our wars just a fight for criminality?


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