Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zionist Censors Hard at Work

"Online Censorship of the 'Jewish Question' is Accelerating

Freedom of speech online is constantly under attack, but it seems to have been kicked up a notch lately. Over the last week or so, I have noticed many blogs and websites being banned/suspended, and have seen an increase in the level of censorship on message boards and forums.

In just the last few days, the blogs 'Jewish Conspiracy Exposed' and 'Zionofacism' have been suspended by Worldpress. White nationalist sites 'The Civic Platform' and 'Western Voices World News' both strangely vanished within the last week, for what reasons I can only surmise...but which I would estimate is probably censorship by the site hosts.

A few days ago, on the Above Top Secret forum, the site administrators announced to users the "end" of "hate speech" on the forum, specifically in regards to the many threads critical of Jews and the Jewish state of 'Israel' following the conflict in Gaza (and though not explicitly stated, probably also regarding the role of the Jewish-controlled banking and financial industry in the ongoing economic crisis). Although ATS has been fairly 'kosher' for a while now, they are now apparently scrubbing the forum of any and all speech critical of Organized Jewry, and even so boldly as to use the establishment's "hate speech" censorship tactic.

Though not a recent development, it is worth noting that virtually all major "conspiracy"-related message boards and forums censor on the Jewish Question. Alex Jones' 'PrisonPlanet Forum', for example, is notorious for censorship of anything critical of the Jewish state of "Israel", any debate of the HoloHoax, or any mention of Jewish Power in media, government, banking, etc. The same goes for other popular forums such as 'Godlike Productions' and David Icke's Forums.

On ATS, Godlike Productions, David Icke, and other similar "conspiracy" sites, discussion and debate is allowed on virtually any topic imaginable: aliens, reptilians, UFOs, werewolves, vampires, Jesuits, Freemasons, etc. But if you start talking about the power of Organized Jewry or the Holocaust™ Hoax, then don't expect to be around very long. Your account will be quickly suspended and/or IP address blocked from posting, or even accessing the site.

Clearly, the Jewish power structure and thought police have deemed it important to take control of popular conspiracy/anti-NWO forums and message boards, and kosherize the opposition. The aim is that discussion and identification of Oranized Jewry as the ultimate enemy and powers-that-be will be "discredited", marginalized, and confined to the "fringes" of the internet (ie, only on "hate" sites and "anti-semite" forums such as VNN and Stormfront).

And as most everyone knows, organizations such as Vanguard News, Stormfront, and Bill White's American National Socialist Workers' Party are highly suspicious and most certainly Jewish-infiltrated controlled opposition. Therefore, the only voices allowed to reach the masses with the "anti-Jewish" message will be a few Jewish-controlled false opposition organizations that have already been "discredited" in the minds of the masses, giving the (false) appearance that the anti-Jewish movement is a "completely discredited" and very small "fringe" movement.


That LAST ONES a REAL KICKER, ain't it?