Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama W. Paulson

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Get USED to this kind of MANIPULATION, and AGENDA-PUSHING, AmeriKa! He's IN ON IT!!!!

There will be NO CHANGE, only NICE TALK!!!!

"Obama: Catastrophe Coming If Stimulus Not Passed

President Obama said Wednesday the recession will turn into "a catastrophe" if the economic stimulus is not passed quickly, lobbying anew for the plan as its price tag climbed above $900 billion and drew more criticism.

"Fool me once ..."

This is the same crap we heard last September when the TARP bailout was ramrodded through Congress. Then in October, three top economists at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve blew the whistle that there had been no crisis at hand.

So Barack "Change you can believe in" Obama is basically playing the same damned trick all over again and thinks we are too stupid to realize it!" -- Wake the Flock Up

"Relinked in light of Obama trying to pull the same stunt on us all again!" -- Wake the Flock Up

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