Sunday, February 1, 2009

Israel's Intentions Revealed


by Damian Lataan

The Israeli propaganda at the outset was that they merely wanted to stop the rockets and mortars being fired into Israel from the Gaza and to destroy the Hamas infrastructure. But, as the dust settled after the Israelis had pulled out, Israel’s true intentions are just now being revealed.

The stories now emerging depict a deliberately planned attempt by the Israelis to sow the seeds of the destruction of the Palestinian peoples in the Gaza Strip. Apart from destroying homes and buildings and indiscriminately murder and maim innocent civilians including hundreds of children, Israel has also methodically set out to destroy both the Gazans ability to feed themselves and also to destroy the last remnants of an economy based on horticultural and agricultural production within the Strip.

The Gazan horticultural and agricultural industry that is the basis of Palestinian subsistence in the Gaza has been deliberately and methodically destroyed by air attacks followed up by ground assaults using tanks and bulldozers that ensured structures, such as poultry sheds and greenhouses, and land the Gazans relied on for their living, including fruit blocks that have taken decades to mature, were completely destroyed.

Clearly, the intention of the Israelis FROM THE BEGINNING was to deprive the Palestinians in the Gaza of the ability to continue to survive. It is not the intention of the Israelis to destroy Hamas; it is the intention of the Israelis to METHODICALLY AND DELIBERATELY DESTROY THE PALESTINIANS ABILITY TO SURVIVE OR CONTINUE TO DESIRE LIVING IN THE GAZA.

The world should make no mistakes about what Israeli intentions are for the Gaza. They wish to bring the Palestinians to their knees regardless of who is in charge of the Strip, Hamas or Fatah, in order to make the Palestinian people there want to leave so that the settlers can return and eventually have the Strip become a part of Israel.

The quicker the world is able to understand that the ONLY goal of the Israelis is to clear the Strip of Palestinians for it to eventually become a part of Greater Israel then the quicker the world can insist that Israel stop their monstrous genocidal expansionist plans and, if they refuse, then to demand intervention via strong UN sanctions insisting that ultimately a state or states will exist where Israelis and Arabs live peacefully together or side by side.

The people of the world, particularly the people of the United States, must now see that what the true intentions of the Zionists of Israel are and demand that their leaders stop all support of them. The genocidal intentions of the Zionists of Israel have been exposed. It’s time for the peoples of the world to demand an end to it.