Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tom Brady is Not Really Hurt

Which should be great news for Pats fans!!!

As for my lack of sympathy, well, I hurt my knee in hoop a month ago and it is just getting worse and worse. Last might was a painful game in more ways than one; the last thing I wanna see is some rich, pampered athlete's woes all over the front pages.

Fuck the god-damned agenda-pushing press!!!!

"Off the field, he's still a star; Pats ticket resale prices fall after Brady injury, but endorsements apt to thrive" by Jonnelle Marte and Brian Steinberg, Globe Correspondents | September 9, 2008

Even though Tom Brady's knee injury will end his football season, the marketing machine that surrounds the star quarterback will likely play on, sponsors and advertising executives said yesterday.

The Patriots' future on and off the football field, they said, is less certain.

Major ticket brokers said resale prices for Patriots games dropped 25 percent even before the news yesterday afternoon that Brady was done for the rest of the season.


But sponsors are expected continue to support Brady, who racks up $9 million in endorsements annually and whose celebrity status extends beyond the Patriots to his romance with Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, cameos in feature films, and displays on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated.

"It would be more of a concern if it's a rookie who companies are investing in with the hope of the future and they are looking for the star on the rise," said David Schwab, managing director of First Call, a division of Interpublic Group of Cos., which helps pair corporations with celebrities.

Brady's agent, Don Yee, did not return calls from the Globe yesterday, but advertising executives said the three-time Super Bowl winner does not immediately risk losing his sponsorships for gear from Nike, watches by Movado, and Stetson cologne from Coty. That's because most marketers put clauses about injuries into contracts; so long as Brady suffered his in the line of duty, corporations are likely to understand, Schwab said.

No problem with the Asian sweatshops when it comes to the endorsements of el-sporto here, huh?

Yeah, readers, I am tired of saying it, yup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major ticket brokers are reporting record drops in ticket prices since Brady's injury. Tickets that cost $150 Sunday on ACEticket.com were down to $119 yesterday afternoon. StubHub reported a similar decline, with the average sale price of tickets for the next home game, against the Miami Dolphins, dropping from $205 before Brady was injured to $150 yesterday.

Why?! Why should the price of tickets come down? Brady still gonna make the same money!

Wanna see how much a day at the stadium costs, readers?

Tom Brady's Building Bonanza

Ultimately, the full impact on the team will depend on how the Patriots fare throughout the season. After all, the team beat the Chiefs 17-10 on Sunday, despite losing Brady in the first quarter.

Yeah, because a WINNING TEAM = $$$$$, right,
Pats fans?

That won't even pay for your ticket!!!!

Can you say anal rape, sportos?

"If they begin to lose without Brady in the next few weeks, then you're going to see some fan apathy set in" and people who have tickets will put them up for sale, said Sean Pate, a StubHub spokesman. "I do think the Brady factor will have a visible impact."

You know what? WHO REALLY GIVES A SHIT?!

We got BIGGER PROBLEMS right now than some shit quarterback, you fucking Zionist shit-throwers!!!!!!!!!!!

-- more--"

How about FRONT-PAGING the MASS-MURDER, TORTURE and LAW-BREAKING SPYING and LIES of this government, MSM, how about that?!

Oh, yeah, you are their P.R. AGENTS and LYING MOUTHPIECES, yeah, sorry, forgot for a minute.

That's why I'M HERE RAGING, in fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!