Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Iran Arrests AIDS Doctors

Would you want AmeriKan spies in your country, readers?

Or those bringing in bio-weapons.

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"Iran's arrest of doctors jeopardizes US program" by Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | September 9, 2008

WASHINGTON - Two celebrated Iranian doctors who participated in a US-funded exchange program have been arrested in Iran and accused of using their global AIDS work to destabilize the Iranian government, according to State Department officials and former students at Harvard's School of Public Health who are seeking their release.

The late June arrests of Harvard alumnus Kamiar Alaei and his brother, Arash - apparently because of their close ties to organizations in the United States - are a setback for State Department officials who are quietly attempting to expand people-to-people exchanges with Iran in a bid to improve relations between the countries.

Then what is with the WAR RHETORIC and the ISRAELI BELLIGERENCE, huh?


Goli Ameri, assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, who oversees the exchanges with 165 countries, said the arrests are disturbing "be cause the whole idea behind the exchanges is creating a bridge between the American people and the Iranian people."

Then WHY are we threatening to ANNIHILATE THEM?

And WHY are we letting ISRAEL do the same? Unless....

You know, TELL IT TO THE LYING, WAR-MONGERING, ZIONIST-CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT and it's NaZionist directors from Israel, asshole!!!!!!!!!

Their deep ties to the US medical community and to international nonprofit organizations have clearly touched a nerve with the Iranian regime, raising questions about whether Iran is willing to tolerate meaningful interaction between its citizens and the West.


After the way the U.S TREATS MUSLIMS?!!!

After the HATE that comes from the BIASED, ZIONIST, AmeriKan Jewsmedia?!


"The Iranian government is paranoid about any contact with foreigners," said Maziar Bahari, a London-based Iranian filmmaker who made a BBC documentary in 2004 featuring the brothers' work against AIDS. He said the paranoia was sometimes understandable, given Washington's tough rhetoric against Iran. "But these brothers should not be in prison," he said. "They were not trying to overthrow the government."

Tell it to the GUYS at GITMO, you fucking disgusting U.S. puke agent!!!


Yeah, the "paranoia" is understandable. Because IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN were INVADED, right? Because ISRAEL ATTACKED LEBANON after threatening to, right?

As for contact with foreigners, ask any American how they feel about illegal immigrants.

I'm against them because they are being used as pawns in this GLOBALIST PLAN of INTEGRATION -- not because of their skin color!

Until their arrest, they traveled freely between the United Sates and Iran. They submitted papers to international AIDS conferences, and spoke last October at a prestigious health forum organized by the Aspen Institute, a Washington-based organization that fosters young leaders. They were also involved in a young leaders initiative organized by the Asia Society, a global organization.

Need I say anything, readers?

US diplomats battled against logistical difficulties and the perception that the US government is bent on regime change in Iran, perpetuated by the Bush administration's funding for democracy promotion there.

Oh, is THAT WHAT you are calling ACTS of TERROR perpetrated against Iran by U.S-backed forces?!!!!

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And the "PERCEPTION" is because it is the REALITY!!!


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