Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Front Page of the Boston Globe

Do you weep, or get angry like me?

Isn't there a section for this shit?

Why are the wars on the inside, and why are the reports such dog shit??

"Fans dejected over loss of Brady for season
The winter for Patriots fans just got longer, expectations got a whole lot lower, and the improbable sense of football dominance became meeker after the Pats announced yesterday that Tom Brady will undergo season-ending knee surgery. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)

Minimal stressing of knee may mean faster recovery for Brady"

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will probably be out of action at least six to nine months after suffering a season-ending knee injury Sunday, according to orthopedic surgeons, but the good news is that quarterbacks typically return to pre-injury form more quickly than other athletes. (By Kay Lazar, Globe Staff)
Complete Patriots coverage"

That's your FRONT PAGE of the Boston Globe there!!!

Gotta love that shit AmeriKan MSM!