Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Boston Globe Says Sitting on Your Ass is Worth It

Now keep in mind, readers, that lied about the NAU, said a DEPRESSION would be a good idea, that being poor is your own fault, pushed the propaganda a whole pile, and said natural disasters are good for the economy.

Sort of gives you an idea of where the propaganda is coming from, right. The Boston Globe calls it an idea!

"The secret benefits of fandom; It's not just psychological: When your favorite team wins a game, you may actually profit" by Drake Bennett | September 7, 2008

A few scholars have started to suggest that there may indeed be another kind of benefit from big-time sports. There's a catch, though: the team has to be good. In a forthcoming paper, economist Michael Davis and the psychologist Christian End say that having a winning NFL football team increases the incomes of the people who live and work in its hometown by as much as $120 a year. And while the study doesn't identify exactly what causes the boost, the authors point to psychological literature suggesting that winning fans are at once harder workers and bigger spenders. In short, buoyed by the team's success, we work longer hours, take bigger risks, and shop more avidly, all of which helps the local economy.

Is it worth it, Amurkn? For $2 a week IF you have a ball team?

How much taxpayer $$$ was doled out to build that stadium of toys for richer playboys?

Also see:
Tom Brady's Building Bonanza for the cost of going to one of the gladiatorial contests.

"This collective mass of people in a good mood, that is something that could really bolster the economy," says End, an assistant professor of psychology at Xavier University.

Ever notice if it is a few scientists or experts that question 9/11 or the global warming hoax, they aren't worthy of commentary or are derided. But a couple of psych nutties selling bullshit is just fine.

And that mood he is talking about? Also leads to wars!

A large body of psychological research suggests that the kind of psychological changes seen in fans after a victory could translate into positive behavior. More self-confident people tend generally to do better at life: they get better grades, make more money, have more friends, even live longer.

So we have gone from a "few" scholars to a "large" body now, huh? Excuse me, I gott put my waders on.

And the self-confidence doesn't have to be earned to make a difference. Shelley Taylor, a UCLA psychologist, has found that having outright illusions about one's abilities, and about the amount of control one has over the events in one's life, makes people happier, harder working, and more successful at whatever they put their minds to.

Yup, you can HAVE ILLUSIONS and they are GOOD!!!!

Isn't that how we GOT INTO IRAQ, America?! By BELIEVING ILLUSIONS and LIES!?

But that is a GOOD THING, according to knowledgable shrinks and the agenda-pushing MSM!!!! Is it really necessary for me to comment anymore?

The finding was evidence that all the psychic benefits of winning translate into a very modest but measurable economic boost. Fired up by their team, people are working just a little harder and longer; inflated with borrowed confidence, they are charming bosses and earning raises. And even if the effect lasts only a few days, or a week, more wins means more productive weeks.

"To be successful, you have to take some risks, you have to sell yourself," says Hirt.

Few, large, finding (singular), whatever.

And isn't that what Phil Gramm said? The whole economy is "psychological," meaning "don't mind as we fleece you and rape you, " America!

And there is that "sell" yourself shit again. Why I don't like AmeriKan culture right now.

Psychologists have long known that, win or lose, rooting for a team has its benefits. Work by Daniel Wann, a psychologist at Murray State, has found that fans of a local team tend to be happier than nonfans (and happier, too, than fans of non-local teams) - less prone to depression, anger, and stress.

The reason, he argues, is simple: being a fan automatically places a person in a community, giving him people to talk to, something to talk to them about, and events at which to do it. The bond can be a first step toward a deeper friendship, or it can simply lend a comforting sense of belonging when, say, a Bruins fan walks down the street and sees someone wearing a Bruins cap.

But don't PROTEST AGAINST WARS or TYRANNY or anything, right?

These "newspapers" are unbelievable!!!

Maybe that's something to remember today, in the moments just after the final whistle. If the Patriots win, it might mean a few extra dollars for you.

Yeah, if I BET THE GAME RIGHT, that's about the only $$ I'll see!!!!


And if they lose, you can content yourself with the knowledge that the four hours you just spent in front of the television, eating tortilla chips, drinking beer, cursing the officiating, and taking in the truck ads you'll be watching for the rest of the season - those were good for you.

Does that just make you want to puke or what?

Yup, just SIT ON YOUR ASS, AmeriKa, while the fucking country and world fall apart because of the criminal fucks of government, industry, and their mass media purveyors of propagandistic shit here!!!!!


Yeah, never mind that HAND IN YOUR BACK POCKET as you swill down Sunday shit, 'murka!!!!

How big government helps the economy take off

Yeah, who cares about the wars, looting, and lies.

We got FOOTBALL to watch!!!!



Looks like the home-town team is gonna be a loser this year.

For Number 12, a gilded age

Well, not anymore. Start emptying your wallets, Pats fans!!!

Nightmare come true