Friday, September 5, 2008

Ron Paul's Republican Delegates

I know how this delegate feels.

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"September 05, 2008

Ron Paul Delegate: 'The Republicans Are Nazis' Posted by Lew Rockwell at September 5, 2008 08:25 AM

Writes a person from Texas: "I was a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention this year. If any delegate was known to be sympathetic to Dr. Paul, they were not allowed to speak to the convention. If they approached a microphone, the microphone would be turned off. If a delegate began to speak and attempted to mention Ron's name, the mic would be cutoff. Anyone sympathetic to the Paul delegates or even those for fair and open discussion were threatened with arrest. Houston police were everywhere and all they needed was a nod from the powerbrokers to haul someone off without offense.

"The Republicans are Nazis. I will never again vote, participate with or support them in any way. Knowing what I know now...even as an evangelical Christian, I would vote Democrat before I would ever again consider a fascist Republican. Dr. Paul is in a party that absolutely despises him and all that he stands for. Take a look at this link to see what they are doing to the Paul delegates that made it to Minnesota.


Time to start a third party!