Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's Performance Cinches Womens' Vote For McCain

And I AM OFFENDED, readers!!!!

And not only me, I have talked to several of women around town and THEY ARE EVEN MORE OFFENDED than I AM!!!

And that was BEFORE last night's pit-bull performance by Mz. Sarah!!!!

And yet, we get THIS RUBBISH in the "paper":

Many working mothers are rallying behind Palin, regardless of whether they share her politics."

Yeah, the disrespectful AmeriKan MSM deserves every bit of vitriol and profanity I throw at them!

"Again, they ask how mothers do it all" by Linda Matchan, Globe Staff | September 4, 2008

The decades-old debate over motherhood and work is back, reignited nanoseconds after John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

It's raging everywhere from the blogosphere to the workplace. Consider what Adena Cohen-Bearak of Needham - a mother, blogger, and self-described feminist - had to say this week in her "MotherThoughts" blog: "Palin (who is 44) has 5 kids . . . ranging from 18 to 4 or 5 MONTHS old (the baby happens to have Downs). I don't really understand how she can be GOVERNOR with all those kids to deal with, never mind Vice President of the COUNTRY!"

Or the opinion of Kristin Brandt of Ashland, mother of two and co-founder of Manic Mommies, a podcast and blog for working mothers. "When I first heard she was selected, I thought, 'Wow, what an amazing time to be a woman,' " she said. "That a working woman could be at this level? This is something I want to see."

Or that of Debi Gutierrez, a 40-something mother with three children, who hosts a PBS show called "A Place of Our Own" and writes a blog called "The Mad Mom in the Minivan." "This self proclaimed hockey mom needs to put her children first now," blogged Gutierrez, who identifies herself as a Democrat. "She has no business running for office, especially the second most important office in our country, while her daughter, a minor child, is going to give birth a few months from now."

What, the Boston Globe finally discover the blogs?

So where is the article about me, Globe?

Katherine Craven, who is the executive director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, the state's deputy treasurer, and the mother of four children from 7 months to 8 years old, said that the minute she heard the news about Palin, e-mails started circulating around her office - and they weren't pretty.

"I work with a lot of men, and these e-mails started firing around saying 'Who is this woman,' " she says. "I found myself in the position of sticking up for her even though she's not in my party," Craven said. "It was like, 'How dare you assume she can't do the job?' "

See what the NARRATIVE is going to be come election night in November?

Palin WON the WOMENS' VOTE for McCain!!!!

You can almost hear the communal sigh of feminists who had thought their work was done.

"I thought we'd already handled all these questions about juggling work and being a mother and having it all, that they were in the past," said Michelle Nicholasen, a 42-year-old Somerville writer and mother of five children between the ages of 3 and 7.

Many working mothers are rallying behind Palin, regardless of whether they share her politics. Some women believe that gender bias is at play.

"There's a double standard," said Susan Reverby, a professor of women's studies at Wellesley College. "If she were a man with four [other] children and a teenage daughter who was pregnant, who would care? Who would even notice, frankly? I think this is all a real indication that we still can't figure out what to think about women and work. Anything sets it off."


ST. PAUL - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in one of a series of strikingly strong, sometimes sarcastic, swipes at the Illinois senator, Palin said that Obama had "authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform." Echoing the McCain campaign's critique of Obama as a shallow celebrity, Palin asked, "What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet?"

The first-term Alaska governor brushed off questions about her qualifications.

Yes, and because of all this, I NOW HATE THIS WOMAN and I did not feel that way a mere 24 hours ago!!

In her speech, Palin also dressed down the assembled media, many of which have reported on a series of controversies about her personal and political record.

First of all, the MSM she dressed down has HELPED HER COVER-UP the fact that SHE IS A GRANDMA!!!!

Talk about BITING the HAND that SPREADS YOUR ASS CHEEK so it can tongue your asshole!!!!

And secondly, the MSM must like getting an Alaskan-sized dildo getting rammed up its ass for putting up with this type of treatment (and more).

Unless, of course, politics is nothing but SHIT FOOLEYS!!!!

As delegates cheered and some waved signs that said "Hockey Moms 4 Palin," Palin picked up the cue, asking if they knew the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. Pointing to her mouth, she exclaimed, "Lipstick!"

Even your slutty looks can't save you now, hypocritical whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout the speech, television viewers were shown Palin's family, with the baby boy, Trig, who has Down syndrome, cradled by a family member. Palin's oldest daughter, Bristol, who is five month's pregnant, was shown holding her hands with her future fiance, Levi Johnston, who flew in yesterday morning to attend the speech.

I didn't want to do it, but they have made me:


And: "I'm a f---in' redneck" and "I don't want kids" says MySpace page of Bristol Palin baby's father

Yes, the LIES are BEYOND BELIEF, aren't they?

Delegates on the convention floor enthusiastically embraced Palin.

David Stokes, 69, wore a newly popular button with a picture of Palin that said, "The hottest VP from the coolest state."

"I have been hoping beyond hope she would be in this position," said Stokes, an Alabama delegate. "She is the best thing going. She is profamily, prolife."

His wife, Martha, added: "Alaska is a state very, very close to Russia. That gives her foreign policy experience."

And I'm just a STOO-PID Repuglican, that's what I am!!!

Leading up to Palin's high-stakes speech, the McCain campaign went on the offensive yesterday. It adopted a strategy of attacking the news media for asking questions about Palin's background.

Yup, and the shit MSM just takes it as they rip truth bloggers like me!

Well, FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!

The campaign also arranged a news conference in which former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift and other Republican women accused the media of sexism.

"One of the things I heard from Democrats was how disappointed they were in their own party when Hillary Clinton was a victim of sexist attacks," said Carly Fiorina, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee's Victory '08 fund, who said that Clinton's campaign helped to "finely tune women's ears" to such slights." The Republican Party will not stand by while Sarah Palin is subjected to sexist attacks."


Yeah, whatever, you duplicitous and deceitful fucks!

So GO VOTE PALIN, Hillary supporters, because that's the narrative for the rigged election that's coming.

You can HAVE HER, American women!!

Oh, and here is confirmation of the scemario:

Palin's story reconnecting GOP with lives of average Americans


The Boston Globe says it so it MUST BE TRUE, huh?


"Palin inspires women to vote for Democrats

September 04, 2008

MOST US women are unimpressed by Republican John McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, and have thrown their weight behind the Democratic ticket in the race for the White House, a national poll showed today.

Six in 10 women voters see McCain's choice of a female running mate as a calculated political decision rather than one based on Palin's experience and qualities, the poll conducted by the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group showed. A majority of the 800 women polled - 56 per cent - said they were put off by Palin's legislative record and her position on moral issues, such as abortion.

Even though the choice of Palin was a historic move for the Republican party, marking the first time a woman has featured on a Republican presidential ticket, it has pushed many women voters over to the side of the Democrats.

Fifty-two per cent of women voters polled said they would vote for the all-male Democratic ticket of Obama and Joe Biden, while just 41 per cent said they would back McCain and Palin in the November election."

Well, what do you know? The Boston Globe is caught LYING AGAIN!!!!

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