Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing a Day Might as Well be a Week

First off, I had a long day and fell asleep early so I saw none of the Repuglican convention last night and I'm glad I did not.

Looks like I'll be taking my chances with Obama now. Who cares about the no-change change, there is no way I want to see that band of monsters from the Repuglican side in charge of anything anymore. The absolute fascism and moral repugnance eminating from what little I've seen on the tv this morning filled me with terror and disgust.

Of course, the shit MSM covers it all up in the papers. I went on the blogs this morning to see what I missed, and the things are chock full of stories that the MSM papers either distort or ignore. The whole process is becoming tirespome to me, and this "day off" I took, I don't know. I might start essaying more and taking more days off.

Honestly, I'm sick of the crap agenda and lies being rammed down our throats and rebutting lie after repetitive lie day after day after day -- never knowing which spying agency is mining or watching, never knowing which fascist telecom is gonna fuk you, never getting through to the damn public I come in contact with around here, and never seeing any truth told other than what I find on BLOGS!!!

Yes, that's right, the BLOGS!!!!

HOWEVER, since I rescinded my
pledge (another one, cue Bristol, baby and purchased a paper yesterday and today (for reasons I will not discuss), I will post some of their agenda-pushing garbage. It is important to know WHERE the masters want to take us, and expose some of their endless and repetitive lies.

And, oh, yeah, what a DUPE I FEEL LIKE for celebrating the life bit after that. I guess they are saying (from an eye witness report I received, bless 'em) that Palin was very SARCASTIC and MEAN-SPIRITED last night, so ANY GOOD WILL THERE is VAMOOSE!!!!

You GOT THAT, conservative dunderheads?!

Oh, KEEP HER THOUGH, because ANY IDEA that you are giung to replace her with Joe the Jew can GO OUT YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW!!!!!