Friday, September 5, 2008

Repuglicans Rape AmeriKan MSM While They Sit Back and Enjoy It

I don't know about you, America, but I'm tired off the shit fooleys and the butt pokes.

"Republicans point fingers at media over Palin coverage" by Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff | September 5, 2008

ST. PAUL - They jabbed their fingers at the press section in the convention hall Wednesday night, chanting, "Tell the truth!"

Yeah, and they can START with 9/11!!!!!

It is also spoke to the huge swath of Americans who see the national media as an elite group with little in common with everyday working-class people.

As I have documented on this blog, that is the TRUTH; however, Repuglicans are hardly our champions!!!!!!!

Already there is evidence that the tactic is working. A Rasmussen survey released yesterday found that 51 percent of Americans believe she is being unfairly attacked by the media. Twenty-four percent said they were, as a result, more likely to support the Republican ticket.

You GOT THAT, ladies?

The AmeriKan MSM is FURIOUSLY SHOVELING this shit, so expect a STOLEN ELECTION come November with YOU LADIES as the DECIDING FACTOR!!!!

Part of the campaign's strategy, though, appeared to be to conflate more sensational and scurrilous reports in blogs and tabloids with serious reporting.

Oh, they are elite stinks, aren't they?

They LIE about things, then COVER UP the LIES!!!!

This is why I am the ONLY ONE READING YOU OUT HERE these days, MSM!!

Because of the FUCKING LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The barrage of antimedia criticism may have had an effect. The McCain campaign noted in a lengthy statement yesterday that Palin's acceptance speech received glowing coverage.

Yeah, but we can trust the MSM flaks to factually and unbiasedly report things and tell the truth, uh-huh!

"ABC's George Stephanopoulos: 'She Gets An "A," ' the release said. "NBC's Tom Brokaw: 'She Could Not Have Been More Winning Or Engaging.' CNN's Wolf Blitzer: 'And She Not Only Hit A Home Run, It Might Have Been Even A Grand Slam.' "

Don't choke on the cum shot, MSM!!!!

Asked about the change in tone, Mark Salter, McCain's closest aide, quipped: "Well, you're all back in our good graces."


Are you TIRED of EATING SHIT, America?!

Then TURN OFF that fucking PROPAGANDA BOX!!!!


The front section of the Boston Globe today had 12 of their 18 pages as FULL-PAGE ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!

Talk about a RIP-OFF!!