Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Globalists Move Against Thai Protesters

I saw this coming a mile away: Globalist Goons Deployed in Thailand

You know, it is obvious now the protesters are the people in total, and the agenda-pushers are not happy about it, and yet can't ignore it (like Palestine). Thus we get agent provocateurs once again sabotaging true democracy.

"One Killed in Thai Protests; Emergency Is Declared" by Seth Mydans and Thomas Fuller

BANGKOK — The Thai government declared a state of emergency in Bangkok on Tuesday after a clash between pro-government and anti-government groups that killed at least one person and injured dozens.

The outburst escalated a confrontation between the government and protesters who had occupied the grounds of the prime minister’s office for more than a week. It was the first serious violence in what had become a stubborn class struggle between the Thai middle class and a beleaguered government backed by a business and financial elite acting in the name of Thailand’s poor.

The state of emergency does not impose a curfew but it bans gatherings, meetings or any activities that might disturb the public order. The order also bars any news reports, published materials or any other media that could cause misunderstanding or that will affect the stability of the state. The army chief and chief of police were given charge of Bangkok.

Chamlong Srimuang, a former army general and governor of Bangkok who has led the anti-government protests, was defiant in the face of the state of emergency. “We must fight. We will not go anywhere,” he said shortly after it was declared. “We will be here. There are not enough prisons to detain us.”

The street clashes erupted after the protests were broadened Tuesday by the announcement of job actions that would affect utilities and transportation. Hundreds of soldiers were deployed to reinforce the police.

Supporters of the government pushed through a police line and battled protesters in a melee that involved sticks and clubs and firearms. Among the injured, four were in serious condition, including two with gunshot wounds, The Associated Press reported.

Translation: The cops LET THEM bust through to take it to the protesters!!!

Read some American labor history for this kind of tactic!!!!

Labor unions representing 200,000 workers at 43 state enterprises said they would cut off water, electricity and telephone service to government offices beginning Wednesday. Thai Airways personnel said they would delay flights beginning Wednesday, and transport workers said they would halt service on 80 percent of Bangkok’s 3,800 buses.

“This action is unavoidable,” Sawit Kaewwan, secretary general of a federation of unions representing state employees, said in announcing the cutoff of utilities. “It is the way to protect our basic democratic rights.”

Democracy has become a rallying cry in recent days. But although both the government and its opponents espouse the ideal, neither party has a purely democratic vision. Thailand’s progress toward representative democracy peaked a decade ago with the passage of a liberal Constitution and has been in retreat since.

“The People’s Alliance for Democracy is not a pro-democracy movement,” said Charles Keyes, an expert on Thailand at the University of Washington in Seattle, referring to the group that is leading the protests.


This guy's propaganda is crap! It is a BROAD-BASED PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT AGAINST GLOBALIZATION, and he makes it sound like they are BAD!!!!

According to Mr. Keyes and other scholars, the movement in Thailand is not a broadly popular uprising like those in the Philippines that ousted governments, but rather the product of a relatively small alliance uniting several agendas.

This reaches the point of such garbage!!!! Fuck him it isn't broad-based, and fuck him about the "small alliance" of several agendas!! WTF does that mean?!

It pits a modern middle class allied with supporters of the monarchy against a business and financial elite that is championing the nation’s rural and unskilled poor.

Translation: It is the GLOBALISTS against the PEOPLE!!! Yeah, I AM TIRED of GARBAGE PROPAGANDA in the NYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The unionists now joining the anti-government movement are part of the contemporary middle class benefiting from Thailand’s modern economy.

But it's a small bunch of people, and part of that midddle class that is bailing on the globalists!!

This "reporting" is so slanted and biased and LIES, quite frankly, that I love being enraged this early in the morning!!!!

The response of the Thai military is always a question, but although there has been talk of a coup — which would be the 18th in Thailand’s history — most analysts say it seems unlikely for now.

Yeah, because they don't want to take the side of a couple of globalist crooks against the POPULATION!!!. They let their goons through, but that was about it. They took orders and did nothing else.

Despite its name, the People’s Alliance for Democracy, leading the anti-government protests, is explicitly calling for a less democratic structure. “We used to chant the mantra of elections all the time,” Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the protest leaders, said in an interview last week. “Now elections in Thailand lead to a very shabby democracy.”

Yeah, rigged elections for globalist shitteers stink! Ask me about it, I'm American!

And you know, if the MASSES of PEOPLE agree to a king, well, THAT'S DEMOCRACY, isn't it??

In a political climate where vote-buying is chronic, the People’s Alliance has proposed a Parliament that would be dominated by appointed rather than elected representatives. “Once a party is in Parliament, without proper checks and balances, without a transparent news media, you cannot call it democracy.”


"no government at all than a government that serves a foreign power"

And WE ALL KNOW whom THAT is!!!!