Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Life Sciences Saviors

Yeah, sure: "it's never been easy to turn a profit in biotech"

Also see: Massachusetts' Billion Dollar Boondoggle

And type "biotech" into my blog search, readers, and see what comes up!

"3 firms planning to expand in state; Life sciences sector adds jobs, buildings despite flat economy" by Todd Wallack, Globe Staff | September 2, 2008

Yeah, they want a CUT of that $1 BILLION dollar taxpayer giveaway!!!!

Three life sciences companies are expanding their operations in Massachusetts, the latest burst of good news for state economic development officials who are trying to bolster the sector.

Covidien is also seeking state and local tax incentives that could potentially be worth more than $1 million to help recoup some of its planned investment.

Told you they were coming here for the HANDOUTS!!!!

Farmer said he couldn't comment on where the company would expand if the tax incentives are rejected or if it cannot strike a deal with the building's owner.

Oh, so if they DON'T GET the TAXPAYER HANDOUT, they ain't coming!

That is known as EXTORTION in my book!!!

The companies' news comes just months after Governor Deval Patrick signed a $1 billion life sciences initiative, designed to pump money into firms and research institutions focused on medical devices, biotechnology, and other life sciences industries. Bialecki said the expansion announcements show that even companies that haven't received aid yet are expanding in the state, in part because the law sends the message that "Massachusetts is a great place for life sciences companies to be."

With palm out, too!!!!!!

Still, some local life sciences companies have also had to cut jobs, because of difficulty in raising money, competition, or problems getting experimental drugs and devices approved.

Oh, yeah, but don't bother with that!


Any wonder I'm raging on here?!!