Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Power of Suggestion

"The Power of Suggestion

You can't go out and round up all of any one group. For more than one reason: (1)

It's completely immoral and the most blatant kind of collective punishment (2)

It's insane. Not all of any group is responsible for the behavior of the worst of their crowd. (3) It's not even remotely doable. And is anyone, anyone real, that is, even suggesting such a thing?

It seems to me that the seemingly inordinate preoccupation with the role of the Jews in today's politics is probably due to the fact that in the mainstream media, it is an absolutely forbidden subject. So as the forbidden hidden history is revealed, the sheer fascination with what has not been commonly known comes as such a shock to the illiteratti on the subject, most of us actually, that it tends to glue one to the screen.

People in the States, who are so squeamish about discussing some of the less than savory aspects of Judaism, have come to simply assume the most racist, vicious and libelous beliefs about Arabs, Muslims, Middle Easterners in general.

It is isn't really racism that is the problem. It is the questioning of or criticism of anything Jewish. It is now even against the law.

The depiction of Obama as a secret Muslim on Fox news is a joke, considering his support for Israel. The man spent 32 times as much time in Israel s In Palestine. But what is fascinating is that calling someone a Muslim is the same as calling them a terrorist at this point.

What is laughable is that the American public which is fed a daily diet of anti- Islamic propaganda from every pulpit and media outlet in the land believes that a Muslim is running for president.

Some of the things I have heard from educated people include that Islam is a violent religion, that the Hollywood is controlled by Arabs, that Saudi Arabia controls the U.S. Economy. Not only are all of the above completely wrong, they are assumed to be true and people stating them have no trouble enunciating these extremely racist ideas, and this by people who call themselves 'liberal”.

It is quite accepted to discuss white racism to a such degree that, I have noticed formerly liberal whites are getting tired of hearing the failings of some of their ancestors being used to berate them in the present and will now say so where before they were quiet. However, the same people who tire of hearing about the treatment of the Indians a century and half ago, wouldn't so much as mention the Israeli/Zionist/Jewish demand not only for apologies but endless reparations

including 200,000 more $$$$ or was it $2 million to build more Holocaust museums and educational programs for American kiddies.

Ditto, Christianity. It is very hip to trash Christianity, while at the same time, criticizing anything about Jewish religion is still very risky. As far as I can tell it is this accepted slant that has a lot of blood boiling under the surface.

In the long run, the psychological censorship of this subject, is more dangerous for those Jews who don't participate in the Zionist agenda. Will they come out and denounce the Zionist criminals in their midst? Not likely. Given the self- perception of the Jewish community in general, it isn't likely. And that leaves it it to the rest of us to do it an a fair and civilized way.

But will we? Oppose Zionism? So far it is absolutely forboten for the vast majority. So far, outside of the Net, there isn't the least sign of it.

What is Judeo-Christianity exactly? Traditionally Christianity is supposed to opposed, and rabidly opposed, to Jews and Judaism. So why and more importantly how, did the recent marriage of these two old age enemies come about?

Needless each side will say the other is in control, but when you see the disproportionate influence of Jewish people in the think tanks, the media, Hollywood, the banks, the Cabinet of the American President, is it not fair to ask why such a small group has so much influence? Is it not fair to ask that even before you ask why does a group, which has many members who are loyal to a foreign state before that of the government they presumably serve, the same ones who are running the foreign policy of that government? Dual loyalty is a valid concern, particularly when it comes to people serving in government.

Then of course there is the media where the issue of Israel and the central importance of the suffering of the Jewish people is simply assumed, and the attendant government policies. No questions asked. If one side controls the debate, what do you think you are going to wind up with? A real debate, or even any conversation at all? How often have you heard one?

I can't see any easy approach to this. We live in a world where the Catholic Church and its pedophile priest are the laughing stock of the nation; small, fundamentalist Christian groups are rounded up, gunned down and subject to ridicule; the image of the Mary can be surrounded by fecal matter and no one even responds; all Germans are routinely stereotyped as Nazis, etc. And does anyone even hazard a question?

The Black Pope is presumably responsible for the policies in the Middle East according to “conspiracy theorists” and yet you can't find a single Jesuit or a Catholic in the Cabinet, as far as I know, but lots of rabbis, many dual Israeli- American nationalists, and a majority of the Cabinet are Jews, and you wouldn't mention it if your life depended on it.

So now that Prothink has stated the facts, everyone is uncomfortable.

But do you not think that the predominance of Jewish influence is why:

  • The U.S. Bombed Iraq, a nation with 16 U.N. Violations while its “ally”, Israel is in violation of 65 UN resolutions.

  • Israel receives more money in foreign aid than the whole of Africa and the Caribbean despite the fact that Israel is the world's 16th wealthiest country.

  • Israel received more money in aid in the 20th century than all of Europe received in aid under the Marshall Plan.

  • Israel, a nation of five or six million people, is in possession one of the world's top five nations militarily and could in the year, 2002, fly as many military sorties in the Middle East as the United States, the world 's “only superpower”

  • You can sit in a talk given by a Hollywood personality on the subject of refugees worldwide and that same personality would never bring up the Palestinians, the world's oldest and largest group of refugees. I speak of Mike Farrel of MASH.

Ah, but it's just Zionism. If that is so, how can you explain the number of ostensibly non-Jewish organizations run by Jews. What is it about the Polish, Hispanics, Kurds, labor unions, gays, African-Americans and the rest of us that we can't speak for ourselves? And why the hell are we calling ourselves African- Americans, or European-Americans anyway? Watching clips from the presidential race is sad. But we're so used to the things we're supposed to think about each other, that we don't even question the complete breakdown of the culture.

United We Stand? Have people in this country ever been so at each other's throats? Divided we're conquered. And are we ever divided.

It is interesting that the director of the Washington Kurdish Institute is none other than Mike Amitay, son of a former director of AIPAC, Morris Amitay. And of course, the dismemberment of the country of Iraq, has long been the agenda of Zionist Israel, note Israel Shamir's studies and the policies of PNAC, JINSA, etc.

And as clients of Israel, the oil under Kurdish controlled northern Israel goes directly to Israel.

Another one that is quite interesting is:

Committee for the Liberation of Iraq,
President: Randy Scheunemann (?)
"The president of the Committee is Randy Scheunemann, Trent Lott's former chief national-security adviser. Last year Scheunemann worked for Donald Rumsfeld as a consultant on Iraq policy ... The Committee is little more than an extension of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), an 'educational' organization packed with neocons such as William Kristol and Robert Kagan."

Open Society Institute,

Ah yes, the 'liberation of Iraq.”

Worried about all those pedophiles in the RCC. Worry no longer!

Gersten, a Reform Jew, president of the Institute for Religious Values and organizer of last November's [1999] Jewish-Christian dialogue at Catholic University, 'Affirming the Sanctity of Life,' provided specific goals and actions that can be pursued immediately."

Mr. Gersten will no doubt help clean up the Catholic Church.

This list is several years old but no the less astounding. Makes an intersting read.

See Stars Over Washington further down the list for the complete list.