Monday, September 1, 2008

Globalist Goons Deployed in Thailand

First read:

"Former Left-Right Alliance against Globalization and America

Thongchai Winichakul
28 July 2008

Almost all Thai rightists I interviewed for my recent research perceived that the threats to Thailand today are capitalism and America. Even lifelong anti-communist ‘Phor’, an alias used for this research, who has tenaciously held the idea of national security being under threat from two strands of communism, sees that Thailand has to be cautious of the CIA interfering and agitating groups of Thai people to the point of being a threat to security. Of course, they were well aware that the threats from capitalism and America are not one and the same as the communist threat.

The rightists’ discourse of capitalist threat obviously differs from the leftists’ Maoist anti-capitalist discourse of 30 years ago. These rightists speak pretty much the same anti-neo-liberalism and anti-globalization language which Thai intellectuals and activists have adopted since after Oct 6, 1976.

Although all the interviews were done years after the 1997 economic crisis, the pain caused by the capitalist crisis was still alive in their memories. Their discourse on the cause of the crisis turned out to be nationalist and against ‘farang’ or western capitalism, pointing to western capitalist giants led by the US bullying emergent smaller capitalist nations. For the ease of digestion and propagation, it was made a story of conspiracy among a handful of global political and financial figures, often including George Soros in particular. The ‘Washington Consensus’ was understood simply as a plot by western capitalist neo-conservatives to destroy smaller states. With the calamity besetting Thai nationalist capital which had eagerly embraced globalization over a decade earlier, globalization has become undesirable. Their discourse against western capitalism was therefore not of a socialist bent, but was outright nationalist, against those ugly farangs abusing decent Thais.

Most of the interviews were done during the years of Thaksin administration which was seen as representing the evil western capitalism, subsequently labelled as ‘vicious or immoral capital’. The exasperation against Thaksin and globalization and the global anti-American sentiment fed into one another. Among the rightists I interviewed then, only one person liked the Thaksin government, and the rest were suspicious of Thaksin because he was pushing the agenda of globalization.


Now read the AmeriKan MSM's coverage:

"Thai government backers launch protests; Move raises fears of violent ending to weeklong crisis" by Thomas Fuller, International Herald Tribune | September 1, 2008

BANGKOK - Thailand's political crisis entered a more delicate and volatile phase yesterday when government supporters took to the streets as a counterforce to the anti-government protesters who have occupied the prime minister's compound for almost a week.

Well, we KNOW whom THEY WORK FOR!!!!

A small minority of demonstrators on both sides were armed with sticks and golf clubs, heightening fears of violence between the two groups, who yesterday were separated by only a few hundred yards.

What are known as AGENT PROVOCATEURS! Don't fall for it, Thai people!!!!

The protests against Samak's government are being led by the People's Alliance for Democracy, a group that has loose ties to the opposition in Parliament but that also harbors skepticism about the electoral system and democracy in Thailand overall.

"We need a revolution," said Amorn Amornratananont, a leader of the People's Alliance as he signed autographs on the lawn of the prime minister's compound, where thousands of protesters are camped in a carnival-like atmosphere.

You know who and what they are, readers. They are all of Thailand's people!!!!

Amorn said he and his fellow leaders wanted to implement a "new style of elections" in which voters would be represented according to their professions. This would dilute the voting power of lesser-educated voters, he said.

The People's Alliance is backed by powerful members of Thailand's elite and Amorn's comments highlight the distrust that many upper-class Thais have toward rural voters.

Somehow, I get the feeling this is another MSM lie. After the article I read above from the Thai press? You really have to be disappointed in the AmeriKan MSM!!!!

"It's too easy to manipulate poor people," said protester Phloenphit Likitikul, 34. "We're a democracy but we're not really ready for it."

Tell me about it (I'm AmeriKan)!!

The split in Thailand between the haves and have-nots was exacerbated by the military coup two years ago that ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who championed the cause of impoverished rural voters. Many in rural areas still strongly support Thaksin, who has fled to Britain.

At the pro-government demonstration yesterday, Suchada Ruamsin, the leader of a group called Women for Democracy that is allied with the governing party, alluded to the possibility of Thaksin's return. "One day our great prime minister will come back," she said.

Please see: The NWO's Feminist Agents

I'm not fooled anymore, MSM!!!

Suchada spoke from a stage erected by pro-government supporters outside Parliament to a crowd of about 2,000 people, many of whom responded with cries of "Fight! Fight!"