Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yale's Ying-Yang

Also see: Harvard's Big Dick

"Yale endowment rises 2% in fiscal 2008, climbing to almost $23b" by Bloomberg News | September 17, 2008

NEW YORK - Yale University's endowment totaled almost $23 billion on June 30, the school's top official said, or about 2 percent more than was reported a year earlier.

Yale's president, Richard Levin didn't disclose the investment return on the endowment, which is also affected by new donations and by withdrawals for operating expenses. Yale had a positive return that failed to match the 8.6 percent reported last week by Harvard University, the Yale Daily News reported Monday, citing an unnamed school official.


If Harvard and Yale can do so well with their investments, how come the state got taken to the cleaners?